Preventing Cooling System Problems

With the Penray Fill-For-Life Program

Industry experts estimate that about 40% of engine downtime is caused by cooling system problems. Understanding the common problems and implementing proven preventative maintenance practices allows fleet managers to significantly reduce their operating costs. Cooling system engineers have specific terms that they use to discuss cooling systems, their components, and system maintenance. Some of these terms are listed in the Glossary.

The four major problems relating to cooling systems are:

  • Corrosion
  • Cavitation-erosion
  • Scale deposits
  • Green-goo or drop-out

The first three of these problems are discussed, in detail, in other sections of the Cooling System TechFacts. However, we are happy to report that the fourth, Green-goo or drop-out, has nearly been eradicated by the introduction of low-silicate, phosphate-free fully-formulated antifreeze. Silicate and phosphate, while valuable as corrosion inhibitors in engine coolant, have limited solubility. That meant that if the antifreeze or additives got too concentrated in the coolant, then the excess phosphate and/or silicate would “drop-out” of the coolant. These “drop-out” problems caused premature water pump failures, radiator blockages, heater core problems and were a headache to clean up. About ten years ago, a phosphate-free coolant was introduced. Combined with technology that permitted the reduction of the silicate concentration, this new inhibitor technology has eliminated annoying and costly drop-out complaints for Penray customers.

The practice that Penray customers have found successful is remarkably simple. Most new coaches and new Freightliner, Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks come with Fill-For-Life™ technology from the factory. Simple installation of a Need-Release™ filter begins the Fill-For-Life program.

Older vehicles can be easily converted to Fill-For-Life programs, too! All that is required is the draining of the old coolant, a simple water flushing of the cooling system, and refilling with fully-formulated coolant. The simple installation of a Need-Release filter finishes the Fill-For-Life conversion.

Fill-For-Life programs have been developed for all types and sizes of engine applications. Contact your Penray representative for details on the Fill-For-Life program that’s right for you!