Poorly Treated Indications

What happens if a diesel engine cooling system is NOT treated properly with chemicals?

  • Corrosion of the steel and cast iron surfaces
  • Hard water scale buildup on the cold side of the liner, creating an insulating effect and leading to hot spots
  • Fouling of the heater core with silica gel and phosphate sludge, resulting in reduced heat to the cab and bunk heaters
  • Corrosion of the water pump impellers
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • Scale insulates on-off fan temperature sensors causing improper fan operation resulting in overheating
  • Fouling of the heat exchangers with silica gel or phosphate sludge from the antifreeze
  • Severe pitting of the wet sleeve liners
  • Malfunction in block heater due to phosphate scale buildup
  • Water pump cavitation due to foaming
  • Water pump seal failure due to excess dissolved solids and/or high phosphate levels
  • Hoses can become soft and brittle without proper protection
  • Corrosion of the copper or aluminum radiator cores
  • Solder corrosion and consequent solder bloom fouling