Penray Export Products

Penray® Performance Products
These products are Penray’s premier quality offerings. Formulated for the service professional, they minimize the time it takes to complete repair projects. Uncompromised quality insures customer satisfaction, and absolute top-quality results.

Penray® Power Fleet Products
Developed for major engine manufacturers, Pencool® additives have become the standard of excellence in cooling system technology. The flagship of the Pencool® line, the Need-Release® filter, is the basis of Penray’s Fill-For-Life® extended coolant interval maintenance program. Penray Diesel Fuel Treatments offer a variety of strategies, including state-of-the art “HAFI™” (Hybrid Anti-Gel Flow Improver) technology. Penray is extremely experienced in the chemical management of diesel fuels, and various products that address cold weather, lubricity, water and biological contamination concerns. Penray pioneered cooling system cleaning products. The company now offers proven in-service as well as proven two-part thorough cleaning alternatives.

Super-X® Brand Automotive Products
Super X® products are known when value counts, especially with the do-it-yourself buyer. Super X® products can be found at auto retailers and parts distributors. The strength of the brand includes maintenance, fuel additives, functional and tire products. When it comes to quality Super X® is your choice!

Custom Formulation and Packaging
Penray is a leading supplier of custom formulated and packaged automotive and heavy duty chemical products. The company provides private-label products to a large number of aftermarket and OEM service organizations.