Penray Launches Fuel Doctor Program

Newly-introduced Fuel Prep™ Biocide now available!

The Penray Companies, Inc. has announced it’s “Fuel Doctor” program designed to support and assist fleets, distributors, and other facilities that store large quantities of diesel fuel. Concurrently, the company has also introduced a new highly effective diesel fuel system biocide that eliminates microbial activity in diesel fuel systems.

Penray’s “Fuel Doctors” are specially trained field representatives who have learned the intricacies of diesel fuel sampling, analysis and treatment. Penray recommends a twice-yearly spring and fall testing of diesel fuel in storage tanks, conducted by one of their trained Fuel Doctors. An initial field sampling test can reveal the presence of water, sulfurous odor, slime and, in cold weather, gelling. The sample is then sent to authorized labs for detailed chemical analysis. The Fuel Doctor then schedules a consultation with the customer to discuss the results of the analysis and recommended remediation steps. This service provided by Penray ensures that the fuel storage system is operating in optimal health year-round.

Bacon Bomb 1 E1429893613416 Problems with diesel fuel in storage are common, and are compounded by today’s offerings of ULSD and bio-fuels. Without proper testing and maintenance, untreated fuels can experience diesel degradation and cause tank corrosion, oxidation, sludge formation, and sediment. And, increasingly common is microbial growth within the fuels, particularly with bio-fuels. Left untreated, these diesel fuel problems can cause a multitude of problems for the storage facility, including clogged filters, clean-out costs and, in extreme cases, corrosion sufficient to cause tanks to leak, resulting in expensive repairs and costly environmental remediation.

Furthermore, such problems are contagious and, left untreated, can infect, and affect, the vehicles that are fueled from these sources. Penray’s new Fuel Doctor program includes follow-up testing to validate remediation actions, and on-going treatment and testing to assure continued quality control.

Long a leader in the formulation and manufacturing of fuel additives and cooling system treatments for the heavy-duty market, Penray has chosen the occasion of the introduction of its new Fuel Doctor program to announce a brand new product, Penray Fuel Prep™ Biocide.

This new product quickly and effectively eliminates the micro-organisms that grow in the presence of water. New systems and processes, like vapor recovery systems and the blending of ULSD fuels, introduce water into the fuel, as does condensation from changes in ambient temperatures. The water separates from the fuel, promoting the growth of bacteria and fungus in diesel fuel. Penray Fuel Prep Biocide has been formulated to kill 90 percent of such contaminants within 8 hours of treatment.

Explains Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for the company, “Penray is known as a technology leader in heavy duty cooling system solutions. Our high quality product line has expanded over the years to include a comprehensive fuel additive line. While we are best known for fuel additives designed to treat a truck with our ’One Bottle, One Truck’ approach, we also offer bulk treatments for large storage tanks.”

“Now with our new Fuel Doctor program,” notes Cooper, “we’re expanding our focus on bulk fuel system treatments with our powerful new Fuel Prep Biocide, which is highly concentrated for convenience. Just one pint treats 1,250 gallons, and a gallon treats 10,000 gallons of fuel – ideal for bulk storage. So it is very economical, and just one of the tools our Fuel Doctors can use to help our customers deal with fuel storage problems.”

For an appointment with a Fuel Doctor, fleets and other customers can contact their Penray sales representative at 800.323.6329 x5000.

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