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• Independent Owner/Operator with a 1985 International Cummins Engine tractor
• Hauls building materials, steel and guardrails driving an average of 2,000 miles per week
• Tested one bottle of POW-R 365 and noticed my idle was smoother, soot level went down, MPG went up and the engine seemed to run cleaner.
• Overall a good product I would use again

– Ryan M., Pennsylvania

I am happy to say that I have tried Pow-R 365 and have experienced positive results. I ran mileage tests in two of my trucks (Ford F450 & F550) and saw noticeable improvement quickly. In just two weeks, I had an 11% increase in fuel mpg and more power. It’s great to find a product that works!

– Tom, Shop Manager – Durabilt Fence, IL

” We are a regional fleet in the Kansas City, Missouri area and tested POW-R 365. Our MPG increased 4% on just one bottle!”          

– Fleet in Kansas City, MO

  Our fleet customers have been able to reduce their inventory of coolants to ONE, reducing the SKUs and time to buy / bid multiple type and keep the right one on the shelf.  Now they add proper testing at PM time, add Pencool® 3000 and have one coolant to stock = simple and cost effective decision.

  Our focus with Penray has been on helping fleets streamline their coolant requirements to eliminate problems in mixing coolants.  Penray allows them to get all the different coolants out of the shop and focus on one fully formulated product.  With only one product in the system the problems are gone.  Then the secondary benefits of extended engine life with better maintenance are the by-product.  They see the immediate need to simplify, but in the end the better maintenance will reap great benefits in extending the useful life of their equipment.

– Dan Payant – Owner, Commercial Radiator

  I have been a Penray customer for about two years now and I have been very happy with the product quality. One of the main reasons that I switched to Penray was their Protection Plan. That’s a great program to offer your customers That really showed me that they stand behind their product. If you haven’t been happy with your additive company definitely give Penray a try!

– Nick Vuko

The PENRAY Revolution:

  Discover of the PENRAY Maintenance Program and Products has changed the face of our business, how we go to market, and the value we add to the service we provide our customers.

   Over the past thirteen years, I had developed a strong Vehicle Maintenance Program and a solid customer base in our local market while working for a distributor of BG Products. With the constant increase in price to the Automotive Shops, and the changes in the economy, the profitability of the program for these shops had diminished greatly.

    That changed with the implementation of the PENRAY program and made my job exciting again. I showed shops how they could reduce the retail cost of services to the customer, and increase their profit margins all at the same time, without sacrificing quality in the least. This kept them more competitive in their market and much more profitable. They also were able to reduce their overhead, buy reducing stock levels since we made multiple deliveries to their shops daily.

     In six months, over sixty percent of my previous customers had made the switch. Not one has noticed a drop in the quality of product, but all have noticed increased sales and increased profitability. The list of customers who have had great experiences with the product and feel it is better quality keeps growing.

   A large part of the success we have had comes from the unwavering support we have gotten from PENRAY. They are constantly improving product, developing new products and developing marketing tools for us to move product. Their point-of-sale materials are fantastic and readily available. Their Maintenance Protection Plan is flawless and is an amazing marketing tool to increase customer loyalty and maintenance awareness, as well as add value to the services. Their in-the-field representatives, have always been available to support the program, and have even assisted in making presentations to customers and doing Service Advisor training classes.

  I am glad to be partnered with a company that provides a quality product at reasonable prices and then backs it up with the tools and support needed to help move the product.

 – Eric Branson
   Fluid Maintenance Specialist, Merle’s Automotive Supply, Tucson, AZ


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