Part No. 7001


Lubricates and protects hard to reach surfaces. Liquid coating quickly cures into a tough, non-tacky light grease. Functions at extremely low and high temperatures. Prevents corrosive attack to any metal surface. Ideal for protecting tools, linkages, conveyors, couplings, shovels and slides.

  • Sprays evenly and cures into a light grease
  • Ideal for: large surfaces
  • Lubricates and forms a waterproof barrier
  • Protects surfaces from moisture and corrosion
  • Functions at extremely low and high temperatures from -25ºF to 300ºF
  • Red color enables easy visual inspection
  • Helps increase equipment life
  • For use in: tools, linkages, springs, conveyors, couplings, industrial chain drives, slides, garage door tracks, rollers, and farm implements
  • Not for sale in CA
Part # Quantity Net Contents Container