Webinar: The Chemistry Of Clean: Understanding Brake Cleaner Technology

Join Penray and Fleet Owner for this free webinar on Tuesday, July 21, 2020 | 2PM ET/11AM PT


Todays brake cleaner market is abound with variety, but what makes a product superior? Learn about the importance of routine brake maintenance and the product traits that help optimize the cleaning process. Demystify VOC issues and learn how to spot market differences to achieve time-saving efficiencies, uptime, and increased ROI.

During this webinar, Penray Chief Chemist, Steve Muth, joined by Penray Heavy Duty Sales Director, Greg Mixon, will debunk the world of brake cleaner chemistry and performance. Plus, William Walls, Product Manager at Murphy-Hoffman Company will share the impact and importance that using a superior brake cleaner has made.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

• National brake safety awareness

• The importance of routine brake maintenance

• Traits users look for in brake parts cleaners

     • Dirt and surfaces

     • Drying time, precautions: paints and plastics

     • Beyond brakes: parts cleaning

• Non-chlorinated vs chlorinated cleaners

• Differences in performance between types of chemicals

• VOC issues explained

• How to spot market differences: Fill weight and power tips

• Being green: A look at bulk sizes

• Measuring superior performance: uptime and money saved


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Steve Muth, Chief Chemist, Penray

Steve Muth joined The Penray Companies Inc. in 2006. As Chief Chemist he has kept Penray’s chemistry and formulas at the forefront of technology and compliance, leading our lab team to develop test methods and product validations to stay aligned with customer needs. He has over 30 years of experience developing industrial cleaning products, antifreeze additives and fuel-related solutions for everything from coal to diesel, including several patented products.

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Greg Mixon, Heavy Duty Director of Sales, Penray

Greg Mixon has been the Heavy-Duty Director of Sales for The Penray Companies Inc. for the past 5 years. Greg has an extensive background in the commercial vehicle market working for companies such as; Kenworth Paccar Parts, CR Industries, Horton Fan Drives and other commercial companies. Greg has a thorough understanding of the value of quality products for technicians to use and their importance in keeping vehicles on the road and delivering goods.

William Walls, Product Manager, Murphy Hoffman Company

William Walls is a tenured professional in the automotive parts sales industry. His experience includes Fixed Operations Manager at Nissan North America and Sales Operations Manager focused on the deployment of electric commercial vehicles at Smith Electric Vehicles (BEV startup). Currently, he is a Product Manager at the heavy-duty truck dealer group, Murphy Hoffman Company. William is a strong product management professional with a BST focused in Automotive Technology from Pittsburg State University.