Reese Company Receives Second-annual Penray Rep Agency Of The Year Award

For the second straight year, The Reese Company has been named Rep Agency of the Year by The Penray Companies, Inc. The award was presented to Jon Reese and Brad Hesse by William Nonnamaker and Dave Sholtis at Penray’s annual employee meeting, held recently in Elk Grove Village, IL. First established last year, Penray’s Rep Agency of the Year award was created to recognize exceptional sales and service performance by the various sales agencies that represent Penray’s lines of automotive and heavy-duty chemicals and functional fluids.

Penray uses a combination of full-time sales staff and rep agencies to service their variety of automotive and heavy-duty products. The Reese Company of Loves Park, IL represents Penray’s PowerFleet products for heavy-duty, fleet, and agricultural applications throughout the upper mid-west, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.

Especially cold weather across the country in 2014 brought many opportunities for diesel fuel anti-gel protection as well as other protective and supplemental fluids like cooling system additives. The Reese Company took advantage of these seasonal sales opportunities and achieved notable sales increases, and also took advantage of sales opportunities presented by warm-weather fuel issues associated with ULSD and bio-fuels. Penray offers additives and supplements specifically -blended to address these issues, protecting engine systems from damage as well as enhancing engine performance, fuel economy, and emissions control.

Penray has developed a matrix for evaluating rep agencies’ performance, which includes percent increase in sales over the prior year, dollar increase in sales, number of new accounts, feedback from customers, and other criteria.

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Pictured L-R: William Nonnamaker, Penray Sr. VP of Sales, Jason Hall, Power Fleet Regional Sales Manager, Brad Hesse, Reese Group, Jon Reese, Reese Group, Dave Sholtis, Penray CEO

In presenting the award, Nonnamaker, senior vice president of sales for Penray, noted the innovative training and sales incentive programs implemented by Reese.

“The Reese Company has, for the last two years, shown great creativity in developing bulk purchase incentives, spiff programs, and other sales incentive activities that were clearly successful in generating increased sales,” he said. “They were especially effective in the heavy duty, fleet, and agricultural markets, promoting our PowerFleet products to customers who realized measurable benefits from their investment in our products. It’s especially gratifying to know that we’re not only realizing increased sales in these markets, but also in knowing that we’re doing our part in enhancing fuel economy, improving driveability, minimizing down time, all the while doing our part to promote better air quality.”

“Furthermore,” adds Nonnamaker, “Reese’s people have done an exceptionally good job of taking our training materials into the field, knowing that an educated customer is the best customer.”

In accepting the award, Jon Reese acknowledged the support of Reese’s Brad Hesse and Chad Mecl, without whose hard work and innovative spirit these improvements would not have been possible. “Brad and Chad have worked tirelessly in reaching out to customers and prospects and determining specific needs for the optimal operation of their vehicles,” said Reese. “ We enjoy representing Penray and appreciate the support we get from everyone on the Penray team. Penray gives us the opportunity to sell excellent products that do what they say they’ll do, and offer great value. We are confident in selling Penray products to dealers, fleets, repair shops, and others in our territories. We’re able to pass this confidence on to our customer’s sales personnel through training, promotion, and fieldwork. We appreciate that Penray develops new products to meet the needs of our industry, and continue to have high expectations in selling Penray products.”

Summarizing the achievements that earned Reese this prestigious award, Nonnamaker said, “Jon and his team’s ability to manage customer relationships and provide excellent account management support and help drive sales make him and his organization quite worthy of this award.”