POW-R 365: 5 In 1 All Season Diesel Treatment

With the approach of spring, fleet maintenance managers, owner-operators, and others responsible for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment are faced with a dilemma: should they treat their diesel fuel for cold weather or warm weather, knowing that their vehicles may encounter either or both in the coming weeks and months. Fortunately Penray has a solution in their recently introduced

POW-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment.

207064 Powr 365

This exclusive blend of additives, supplements, and conditioners was ingeniously developed to address the challenges that can compromise diesel fuels and the vehicles and equipment they power in every kind of climate. It has been blended and packaged in keeping with the simplicity of dosage that Penray has adopted — One Bottle, One Truck.

As its name implies, Pow-R 365 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment enhances diesel fuel with five distinct features:

  1. Penray Pow-R 365, increases cetane rating by a full number, making for improved combustion and power, with lower emissions.
  1. Helps increase fuel economy by cleaning injectors, which in turn reduces overall operating costs. Pow-R 365 uses a highly concentrated and effective state of the art cleaner designed to work with today’s tighter fuel injector tolerances and clean up issues caused by poor quality fuel and additives.
  1. Provides corrosion protection throughout the entire fuel system. This is a particularly critical function since water and other contaminants can find their way into diesel fuel through condensation in changing weather conditions, from the blending of ULSD, and even from vapor recovery systems. Resulting corrosion can clog fuel systems, deteriorate components, and impede the proper performance of fuel injectors.
  1. Safely adds lubricity to the fuel, helping to extend the life of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and other friction points within the fuel system.
  1. Prevents gelling of the fuel, an on-going issue, especially in unexpected inclement weather which can occur in any area. Pow-R 365 prevents gelling at temperatures as low as

-10 degrees F, and reduces the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) by as much as 20 degrees F.

In addition to these performance enhancements, Penray’s Pow-R 365 promotes more complete combustion, a highly desirable feature since doing so reduces regenerations of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) found in today’s heavy-duty vehicles. It is packaged in bottles of 64 fluid ounces, which is the appropriate dosage for the typical 250-gallon fill, making its use simple and effective.

Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray says, “Pow-R 365 is a great addition to our line-up encompassing the five most important fuel additive functions in a single product. Treating with this year round product ensures your system is ready for all unexpected conditions from inclement weather to poor quality fuel.”

Adds Steve Muth, Chief Chemist, “The ULSD and bio-fuels that are now common in the industry bring with them issues that can compromise the effectiveness and efficiency of the sophisticated diesel engines in use today, with precision-designed fuel injectors and engine management systems. Water, corrosion, and other contaminants can interfere with the proper operation of these precision systems, which are also dependent upon maximum cetane fuel in order to operate at optimal efficiency. This product will help extract the maximum power, efficiency, and emissions control that are designed into these engines.”

Pow-R 365 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Additive is just one of the many chemical products that Penray offers for heavy-duty vehicles, including Class 6, 7, and 8 over-the-highway trucks, mobile off-highway vehicles, agricultural equipment, and marine applications. Information for all of Penray’s heavy-duty and automotive products can be found on the company’s web site, www.penray.wpwhile.com/product-category/power-fleet/.