Penray Presents The 2013 Rep Agency Of The Year Award To The Reese Company

The Penray Companies, Inc. has presented their first-ever Rep Agency of the Year Award to The Reese Company of Loves Park, IL. The award was presented for The Reese Company’s exceptional service and success in marketing Penray’s PowerFleet products for heavy-duty and fleet markets throughout 2013.

The Reese Company was chosen from among the various rep agencies that complement Penray’s in-house sales staff. Reese associates provide sales representation for Penray in the upper Midwest, throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.

The Rep Agency of the Year Award was presented for Reese’s sales performance with Penray’s PowerFleet Division, which includes products such as cold weather and year-round fuel system additives and cooling system solutions. Reese also provided representation for the Penray Performance line of liquids, aerosols and functional fluids that can be used in heavy duty vehicle maintenance and shop settings.

Reese was selected for this award based on a variety of criteria, including percent increase in sales over prior years, dollar increase in sales, number of new accounts signed up, feedback from customers, and other factors.

Penray’s management presented the Rep Agency of the Year Award to Reese President, Jon Reese at Penray’s recent annual sales meeting. The Reese Company was specifically noted for their creativity and innovation shown by staff in building sales and brand recognition for Penray and its PowerFleet products.

“Jon Reese and his associates Brad Hesse and Chad Mecl left no stone unturned in their relentless pursuit of new business,” said William Nonnamaker, Penray Senior Vice President of Sales. “They were constantly thinking outside the box, developing and implementing new programs and incentives that resulted in substantial business growth throughout 2013. Their innovative sales tools included trailer-load deals, spiff programs, and other incentive programs tailored to the needs of individual customers and prospects.”

“Furthermore,” added Nonnamaker, “Jon and his associates made exceptional use of the many training programs and tools Penray offers, including hands-on training for Reese’s associates at Penray headquarters. But, more importantly, they took this training out into the field and conducted training for their customers in person at customer locations, as well as via webinars. And all of this was complemented by telephone support whenever needed.”

In accepting the award, Jon Reese noted that their sales success was a two-way street. “I’m very proud of my associates for the sales success with Penray’s PowerFleet products that earned us this important award,” he said. “But those results would not have been possible without a high-quality product line to sell, and the support from all of the folks at Penray. Their sales management team enthusiastically supported our new ideas, and their training personnel provided backup and thorough and easy-to-understand answers when technical questions arose. It’s definitely a shared success.”

Added Reese, “Our success with Penray was enhanced in no small part by the fact that Penray’s products, including their PowerFleet products, are developed, blended, and packaged in the U.S. This is an important feature here in the upper Midwest, and certainly throughout the rest of the country as well.”

“Our work with The Reese Company has been mutually beneficial,” concluded Penray’s Nonnamaker. “And we look forward to a lasting relationship as we develop additional new products for the fleet and heavy-duty markets.”

Reese Roy Photo

Pictured Left to Right: William Nonnamaker, Penray Senior Vice President of Sales, Brad Hesse, Reese Associate, Jon Reese, Reese Co. President, Dave Sholtis, Penray CEO, Jason Hall, Penray Regional Sales Manager; PowerFleet