New Penray Plus service kit restores engine performance in three easy steps

Wheeling, IL June 2, 2013 – The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced Penray Plus™ Liquid Tune-Up, an innovative package of proprietary chemicals designed to work in harmony to restore vehicle engines to optimal performance and efficiency which will help consumers to save money at the pump.

Penray Plus™ Liquid Tune-Up is an integrated package containing specially-blended, made-in-the USA chemicals, and designed as a three-step process to fortify the three key fluids in today’s vehicles – the fuel, the lubricating oil, and the engine coolant. Optimizing the fuel, lubrication, and cooling systems will help extract the best performance and efficiency from your engine, while offering protection for vital systems that will impact service life and resale value.

Step One: Fuel Injector Cleaner

Added to the fuel, Penray Plus™ Fuel Injector Cleaner removes deposits and debris that can disrupt the precision fuel injector spray patterns that have been engineered into your car. Irregular spray patterns waste fuel and yield incomplete atomization that increases emissions while decreasing power and efficiency. Penray Plus™ Fuel Injector Cleaner washes away contaminants and lubricates the moving parts within the injectors for factory-fresh performance.

Step Two: Oil Treatment

Many oil treatments on the market are little more than viscosity improvers – that is, they just make your oil thicker. This may slow oil leaks and oil consumption, but doesn’t offer any protection beyond that. Penray Plus™ Oil Treatment is a sophisticated blend of detergents, acid neutralizers, and protective coatings. Its advanced chemistry protects piston rings, engine bearings, camshafts, and other critical internal engine parts from wear and abrasion. It helps keep gaskets and seals soft and pliable to prevent leaks, and counteracts the effects of oxidation and corrosion with acid neutralizers, helping to extend engine life.

Step Three: Cooling System Treatment

The cooling systems of today’s modern vehicles are using more light-weight high tech materials than ever before. The light-weight aluminum alloys that have replaced steel and iron are more susceptible to corrosion and require special chemical protection. As a result there are more new formulas and colors of coolant on the market than ever.

Penray Plus™ Cooling System Treatment contains a combination of technologies that works with your antifreeze on many levels. It fights corrosion and scale that can reduce heat transfer or even cause leaks. It restores and maintains proper pH levels, reducing acid build-up that can damage aluminum parts. And it provides special stabilizers to reduce the impact of mixing incompatible types and colors of antifreeze that might be added in an emergency top off or even during an oil change at your local quick lube.

Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray puts it this way: “Most people think it’s a good idea to go to the doctor’s office once a year for a physical exam, in which the doctor evaluates your body’s critical systems – pulmonary, circulatory, cognitive – and make adjustments in activity and medication to keep you in the peak of health for a longer and more enjoyable life. Your car, typically your second largest investment after your home, deserves similar care, on a similar annual schedule.”

Continues Penray’s Cooper, “Our engineers have developed and packaged together this trio of advanced chemical products that will help motorists extract the longest life and greatest fuel economy possible from their vehicle. Regular use of our Liquid Tune-Up will help motorists enjoy the most pleasure and economy from the vehicle that’s central to today’s busy lifestyles. This kit is fully compatible with gasoline, hybrid, and flex-fuel engine systems.”

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.

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New Penray 3-Step Liquid Tune-Up Kit

Founded in 1954, Penray manufactures liquid and aerosol products in one of two plants in Illinois. Both facilities incorporate lean manufacturing techniques for optimal efficiency and quality control. The company has four separate business units – automotive, heavy-duty, export, and custom manufacturing for private label customers. Penray offers a variety of formulations so customers can enjoy Penray products that they know are compliant with all state and local environmental regulations.