Penray Introduces Import-specific Power Steering Fluid

Penray Global P.s. Fluid Hands On1The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced its new Penray Performance Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid. This new formulation is blended specifically to meet the requirements of late-model European vehicles.

In recent years, European automakers including Audi, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, have specified a high-tech synthetic fluid for use in power steering systems. Penray chemists have developed a new blend, now being introduced as Penray Performance Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid, that meets or exceeds these OE standards. The new fluid is now available to independent auto repair shops through their regular distribution channels in the U.S.

Penray’s Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is engineered to maintain especially stable viscosity characteristics over a wide range of ambient and operating temperatures, with improved flow at low operating temperatures. It also features anti-wear agents to promote long life of internal power steering components, consistent with the extended fluid change intervals as specified by these automakers.

In addition to meeting and exceeding OE standards for these new-generation European power steering systems, Penray’s new Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is also suitable for use in hydraulic suspension systems, hydraulic shock absorbers, and traction control systems. This premium synthetic power steering fluid exceeds requirements and is suitable for use in all other vehicles. Honda fluid is recommended for Honda and Acura vehicles.

“We continually work to develop new chemical products as the need unfolds in service bays,” explains Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray. “As more and more of these vehicles come off of warranty and into independent repair shops, we want to be sure that service technicians have access to fluids that meet or exceed all OE requirements. Our new Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is just such a product.”

“This new power steering fluid is the perfect complement to our existing Penray Heavy Duty Power Steering Fluid, which continues to be an excellent choice when servicing domestic vehicles and other imports, both European and Asian, that do not require the special formulation found in our new product,” adds Cooper. “Both fluids feature special additives that help prevent foaming, corrosion, and oxidation, which can compromise the performance and durability of critical steering systems and components.”

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.