Penray Aapex 2013 Exhibit To Showcase Newly-expanded Penray Plus Line

Visitors to the Penray exhibit at AAPEX 2013 will notice a new and expanded emphasis on supporting their retailing customers. As evidence of this new commitment, Penray will showcase recent additions to their Penray Plus™ line of chemicals and functional fluids for the retail market. AAPEX 2013 will be held in Las Vegas November 5 – 7.

“We all know that, in tough economic times, motorists are more inclined to perform maintenance on their vehicles in order to save money,” explains Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray. “We want our retailers and distributors to have the right products at the right time to meet the needs of the marketplace.”

To that end, in just the last several months, Penray has introduced a number of new products designed to meet the needs of DIYers.

Penray Plus Liquid Tune-Up® is an integrated package containing three specially-blended, chemicals, and designed as a three-step process to fortify the key fluids in today’s vehicles – the fuel, the lubricating oil, and the engine coolant. Optimizing the fuel, lubrication, and cooling systems will help extract the best performance and efficiency from your engine, while offering protection for vital systems that will impact service life and resale value.

Also newly-released is Penray Plus professional-grade glass cleaner, formulated specifically to remove the debris and contaminants that find their way onto vehicle windshields and side and rear windows. This product works far better on vehicle windows than ordinary household glass cleaners, and is ammonia-free, so it is safe for use on tinted windows and doesn’t have the annoying and pungent odor associated with household cleaners.

And, most recently, Penray has introduced Tire Fix Plus™, which features Leak Detective™, an exclusive feature invented at Penray. Leak Detective is designed to leave an easily identified fluorescent mark at the location where it has sealed a leak. This makes it much easier for the technician to find the leak or leaks which are no longer hissing or blowing bubbles.

“Chemicals and functional fluids are among the automotive products most commonly used by DIYers,” explains Penray’s Kardon. “It’s our goal to provide our retailing customers with the broadest and most effective line of chemical products in the aftermarket. And we plan to continue to broaden this line with other products that will meet the growing need for chemical products for the retail market.“

Penray products will be on display at AAPEX 2013 in booth #3045.

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.