Penray Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit, Wins Best New Product In The Chemicals, Lubricants And Filters Category At Aapex 2016

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2901 Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit AAPEX 2016 Award New Product Showcase

Nov. 1, 2016 – The Penray Companies, Inc. has won best new product in the chemicals, lubricants and filters category at AAPEX 2016 for it’s new 2901 Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit.

This is the first product of its kind available in the automotive aftermarket, and the only such product to receive EPA approval.

This new two-step chemical cleaning kit removes contaminants from the catalytic converter, restoring its ability to reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions and eliminating the need for costly replacement. A key benefit is reducing emissions by as much as 50 percent, enabling vehicles to pass emission tests, and preventing fault code recurrence. The kit also includes Penray’s Total Fuel System Cleaner #2216, which removes deposits from fuel injectors and other critical fuel system components. This provides improved performance and fuel economy while helping to prevent future contamination within the catalytic converter.

Catalytic converters typically contain beads or a honeycomb matrix coated with exotic materials like platinum or palladium. These metals cause a chemical reaction in the catalytic converter that burns off fuel residue in the exhaust stream before it can exit the tailpipe. The surfaces within the converter can become coated with various contaminants, resulting in incomplete combustion in the converter.

Penray’s chemists have developed exclusive blends that can remove these contaminants, exposing more of the catalyst to the exhaust stream and resulting in a reduction of hydrocarbon emissions by as much as 50 percent. Penray’s two-step process then cleanses contaminants from the fuel delivery system, preventing future contamination of the converter’s precious metals. In doing so, it helps prevent recurrence of the dreaded Check Engine light.

“Our chemists have created an ingenious blend that is able to remove carbon buildup from within catalytic converters, restoring their ability to reduce harmful emissions,” explains Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray. “Until now, the primary solution for contaminated or malfunctioning catalytic converters has been replacement, which is very expensive, costing upwards of $1,500.”

“However now there is an affordable solution in the form of our new Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit #2901, which restores converters to their original performance level. And the inclusion of our Total Fuel System Cleaner #2216 assures that the converter will remain contaminant-free for many thousands of miles.”

2901 Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit