Finally! A Glass Cleaner Designed Specifically For Vehicles

New Penray Plus Glass Cleaner cuts road grime, leaves streak-free finish

Penray Plus Glass Cleaner Hands On Photo A 300x170The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced Penray Plus™ professional-grade glass cleaner that is designed specifically for vehicle windows. Most glass cleaning products on the market are ammonia-based, and are designed either for household use or as multi-purpose cleaners. But this new ammonia-free product from Penray is designed specifically for use on vehicle windows, where cleaning needs differ greatly from those in household windows.

Vehicle windows in general, and windshields in particular, accumulate debris that’s not common to household windows. Bugs, tar, road film, car wash residue, evaporated haze from vinyls used in dash boards and upholstery, tree sap – all of these substances collect on vehicle windows, and all tend to be resistant to general-purpose cleaners.

It took the ingenuity of an automotive chemical company to develop a formula designed specifically to remove all of these materials. And Penray is just the company to do it. With a 59-year history of producing made-in-the-USA service chemicals and functional fluids, Penray is now introducing a glass cleaner that is expected to become the product of choice for professional detailers and DIYers alike.

Penray Plus Glass Cleaner features an ammonia-free formulation that will cut through and remove all of the substances described above, while leaving a finish free of film, streaks, and residue – all of which can cause annoying distortion for motorists. In addition, Penray Plus Glass Cleaner is safe to use on tinted windows and even, gently, on windows with defroster/defogger grids.

Explains Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray, “Up until now, detailing professionals and do-it-yourselfers had to rely on multi-purpose household cleaners for cleaning windows in cars, trucks, and SUVs. Typically these products have been ineffective in removing the stubborn bugs, sap, and other materials that accumulate on vehicle windshields and windows. Those ordinary cleaners often leave streaks or an annoying haze that can be disturbing, distracting, and even unsafe, especially when sun glare accentuates the distortion caused by that residue.”

Continues Cooper, “Our chemists, working right here in our U.S. labs, have devised an innovative new ammonia-free formulation that cleans windshields, along with side and rear glass, easily and without streaking or residue. It’s safe to use on tinted windows, and has a mild fragrance without the pungent odor of ammonia so common in household cleaners.”

The chemical composition of Penray Plus Glass Cleaner was produced from years of experience in the chemical business and knowledge of the consumer. The product will be available through wholesalers and retailers this summer.

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.