The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Names Penray Exclusive Supplier For Private Label Aerosol Service Chemicals

Penray, Inc. has been selected by The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (The Alliance) to be the exclusive supplier of their Parts Master and Perfect Stop private label aerosol service chemicals. In addition, Alliance members will have the opportunity to purchase the full line of Penray-branded products.

Under this new partnership, Penray will supply over thirty separate part numbers under the Parts Master and Perfect Stop brand names. These will include a host of products such as brake parts cleaner, carburetor and choke cleaner, and other aerosol service chemicals . At the same time, Penray has been named an authorized supplier of Penray-branded products for their entire line of nearly a hundred different chemicals, treatments, cleaners, and additives.

All of these Parts Master, Perfect Stop, and Penray products will be available throughout the entire Alliance distribution network, which includes Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper warehouses and auto parts stores throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The new private label products will feature fresh and exciting new packaging, and will be supported with targeted promotions. Penray will also provide training, marketing and merchandising support for parts and service professionals.

“This important new business will greatly increase the availability of our various chemical products to automotive service professionals and DIYers alike,” notes Randy Fowler, Vice President – Automotive and Private Brand Sales for Penray. “Customers can choose with confidence either the Parts Master, Perfect Stop, or Penray branded product, knowing that these products will enhance their productivity and efficiency. These products are developed, blended, and manufactured in the U.S., under strict quality control standards, as they have been for more than six decades. There’s no doubt that our reputation for quality helped the members of The Alliance make this important decision.”

Adds Dan Rader, Vice President of Product and Category Management for The Alliance, “The decision to choose Penray to provide private label and branded product was the result of extensive research and analysis, and was not made lightly. The value of our Parts Master and Perfect Stop private label products is an essential part of our posture in the aftermarket, and we only trust that label to products of the highest quality.”

Adds Justin Hebert, Category Manager Under Hood, “We researched many manufacturers before making this decision, and we are confident that we have selected in Penray the supplier that is most able to supply us with top-quality products at competitive prices, along with the marketing, merchandising, and technical support needed to meet the needs at all levels of our distribution network, which includes more than 2,200 auto parts stores and over 3,000 certified service centers throughout North America.”

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance is comprised of over 50 independent shareholders who offer a wide array of quality auto products through Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper warehouses, parts stores, and certified service centers across the US, Canada, and Mexico, and even into Europe with over 1.9 million parts and accessories.

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