Penray Marks 65th Anniversary; An American Success Story

Wheeling, Il December 22, 2015 – 2016 will prove to be an exciting year for Penray Inc. as it celebrates its 65th anniversary. Founded in 1951, the company will engage in a year-long program of activities marking the milestone of 65 years of helping customers solve problems and increase their profits with innovative chemistry and technology focused on transportation, marine and industrial markets.

During the last six and a half decades Penray has grown to be a leading supplier of aerosol and liquid products, with particular strength and success in the automotive and heavy-duty arenas, with a vast array of additives, supplements, cleaners, protectants, and other fluids.


Penray is truly an American success story. From modest beginnings in 1951, the privately-held company has grown to be an industry leader with two manufacturing facilities in Illinois. Of particular interest is the fact that Penray products are developed, blended, tested, manufactured, and packaged in these two U.S. facilities. Sales and marketing, working with staff chemists, develop creative solutions to solve complex issues found by today’s technicians.

Randy Fowler, Vice President of Automotive and Private Brand Sales, is a Penray employee with many years of experience with the company. “I have seen tremendous change in our organization over the years. Continuous investments in plant modernization, our focus on new products and emphasis on customer service have really shaped and helped the company evolve. We have improved our infrastructure, making us a better company for our customers.”

For example, new products undergo extensive testing, both in the labs and also in real-world conditions. Only when they have shown excellent performance, durability, and compatibility characteristics are they released for production.

Penray’s growth and success are the result of continuous product innovation and the commitment to customer service. To best satisfy the needs of their customers, the company has evolved into four business units– automotive, heavy-duty, export, and custom manufacturing for private label customers.

“Penray’s growth and success are the result of a variety of factors,” explains David Sholtis, CEO for Penray. “First and foremost is our company’s commitment to developing and marketing innovative products that work. Our extensive R&D and testing confirm that our products provide the benefits they’re designed for. Customer acceptance and repeat purchases confirm this fact.”

“Furthermore,” continues Sholtis, “Our company has always benefited from forward-thinking management and technical experts who consistently monitor the various markets we serve, analyzing trends and identifying needs just as soon as they develop. A good example is the family of additives and supplements we offer for the heavy-duty market. The need for these products has evolved with the advent of Ultra-Low-Sulfur-Diesel (ULSD) and bio-fuels, which bring a variety of unintended consequences. Our team identified these issues early on and immediately embarked on a development program to address the issues associated with these new fuel blends.”

“We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our dedicated customers for their support over the years. Today we are a better company and continue to improve based on their on-going feedback. Many of our products and improvements are the result of our customers’ suggestions and ideas. Working together we help each other and continue our long-lasting relationships.”

“After 65 years, we’re just getting started,” concludes Sholtis. “We expect continued growth and success over the next 65 years and beyond.”