99.017 Thread Lock Treatment & Coolant Filters


A few customers have asked Penray about using thread treatment to secure coolant filters, especially when filters are used in ESI practices and may remain in service for years at a time.

Customer Field Engineering:

Penray is aware that there exists a wide range of coolant filter installation locations. Some locations are more exposed to engine vibration than others, and filter heads differ in their designs and metallurgies. As a result, while the vast majority of coolant filters may be installed normally and run through their service periods unremarkably, some filters have been reported as having worked themselves loose, creating a coolant leak. In some fleet operations drivers are unwilling or even prohibited by work rules from performing any repairs, even tightening a coolant filter.

To prevent this situation, a couple fleet customers have communicated their experiences that the use of products such as “LOCTITE┬« 242 THREADLOCKER” will hold filters securely, even in extended service applications, until the time comes to change them. Penray has performed no testing on thread treatments. Penray neither approves nor disapproves of the use of the LOCTITE products with coolant filters, but does wish to share the information that other customers have addressed the occasional loosening of coolant filters in this manner.

For our customers’ convenience, we advise that LOCTITE products are widely distributed; the main office is in Rocky Hill, CT. Penray recommends that specific advice and recommendations be requested of LOCTITE Corporation, or authorized, knowledgeable distributors, before using thread treatment products in coolant filter applications.