13.001 Proper Disposal of Used Penray Cooling System Cleaners

Part Numbers:

201549 Off-Line Twin Pack Cleaner
200264 Oil Purge
200164, 200105, 200155 On-Line Cooling System Cleaner

Service Recommendation:

Penray advocates that any liquid coming out of a vehicle’s cooling system should be treated as if it were used contaminated antifreeze. This includes the actual antifreeze, any cleaning solutions and even the water used to flush out the system. Any of these liquids may contain unknown amounts of antifreeze or contaminants from within the engine, radiator or other parts of the system. To quote the EPA’s web site ( “Antifreeze is toxic to humans and animals. Waste antifreeze contains heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, and chromium in high enough levels to potentially make it a regulated hazardous waste, so most states strictly regulate antifreeze disposal. Antifreeze generators and state and local programs should not dump spent antifreeze on land or discharge it into a sanitary sewer, storm drain, ditch, dry well, or septic system; dumping antifreeze can cause serious water quality problems and might harm people, pets, or wildlife.”

Based on these facts, Penray recommends that any spent coolant, used cooling system cleaning solution or flush water be considered a hazardous waste and needs to be treated by a licensed waste handler. NOTE: The two components of Penray Off-Line Twin Pack Cleaner (part number 201549) are not only designed to leave your cooling system at a proper neutralized pH but also work together in your wash out waste. Make sure that both part 2010 and 2011 are combined in your waste collection vessel to insure proper neutralization and safe pH levels (3.0 to 12.5) in your waste solution.