12.001 Penray 200264 Oil Purge – Cooling System Cleaner Crystal Formation


Penray’s 200264 Oil Purge – Cooling System Cleaner is a highly concentrated chemical solution. The active ingredients are packaged at the absolute maximum concentrations. Because we are at the limit of solubility a small amount of product may crystallize during shipping.

Service Recommendation:

The “ice” like solids will easily and completely re-dissolve in warm water or coolant and pose no danger to water pumps or other cooling system components. If solids are detected in the 200264 Oil Purge – Cooling System Cleaner product, simply shake the bottle of 200264 Oil Purge prior to adding it to the water being used to flush the system and run the engine up to operating temperature as per the instructions on the bottle label. For questions, contact your sales representative.

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