01.009 Fuel Prep Diesel Fuel Additives


Managing diesel fuel is an all-year, all-climate challenge. In warmer temperature or in long term storage fuel may breed microbes, mistakenly referred to as “algae”. Most microbe problems are bacterial. Microbes cause fuel darkening, foul odor, and premature filter plugging.

Fuel Prep Treatment:

Treating fuel with Penray Fuel Prep will prevent microbe problems at a very low cost. Increasing the dose is appropriate if a microbial problem already exists. The product label and information sheet detail the instructions for use and appropriate precautions.

Fuel Prep works by stopping the growth of the microbe colony. This is a more gentle and less problematic solution to the problem. Microbes have extremely short life cycles, often measured in hours. If you stop the reproduction of the microbes, the problem will gradually fade. The alternative is to “kill” the microbes by poisoning them. Competitive products are generally of this type. The drawback to the poisons is that they are also toxic to other animals and humans, and they drop a heavy sludge to the bottom of the tank that creates severe filter plugging problems. A dispersant is formulated into Fuel Prep to prevent this sludge-drop to the bottom of the tank. Fuel treated with Fuel Prep may still plug fuel filters, but not at the same rate as other products.

Customers treating stored fuel should allow several days for the symptoms to disappear, but probably will not need to pump sludge from the bottom of their tanks.