00.002 Submitting Coolant & Diesel Fuel Laboratory Samples


Proper documentation of the sample assists in maximizing the value of an analysis. This bulletin explains the coolant information form and the importance of completing each section.

To Submit a Sample:

  1. Obtain a pre-paid Penray Test Kit.
  2. Carefully fill out the form. Every end-user needs a unique customer number. If the user has a number, write it in the boxes labeled Unit No. on the first line. If the customer has never had an analysis through Penray before, write the word “new” in the Unit No. boxes, and be sure to completely fill out the Coolant Analysis Data area of the slip. A number will be assigned and included on the report.
  3. The Unit ID or Number is also important for identification; letters and numbers are permitted in the “Unit ID or Number” area. Always provide clear, consistent identification in this area. The computer sorts first by Unit No. and second by Unit ID or Number. No other identifying information is retained; so wise and consistent use of the unit identification field is the key to generating useful, historical data.
  4. Complete the ” Coolant Analysis Data ” with the correct end-user (NOT Penray salesman) contact, company and address / phone / fax information.
  5. Fill the sample bottle with the coolant and firmly replace the cap. Then, wipe the bottle clean of any spilled coolant.
  6. Label the bottle (not the cap) with a permanent marker. Write the name of the fleet, date, mileage, Unit No. and Unit ID or Number on the bottle.
  7. Enclose the white copy of the form with the sample. Keep the yellow copy for your records.

All questions regarding the status of samples and data should be directed to Technical Service in Elk Grove (1-800-322-2143) and not to Amalgatech.

This procedure will prevent confusion and help to move the information to the fleet managers as fast as possible. Please! Help us help you!

Make sure the forms are completely filled out and keep a copy for your records! To learn more about Amalgatech, visit their website at