00.001 Need-Release ESI Coolant Filter


A description of Need-Release has been requested for the purpose of writing specifications for large fleets.

Penray Need-Release:

The Penray Need-Release is an ESI coolant filter with a service interval of 150,000 miles or 15 months, if used with phosphatefree TMC RP-329 or RP-330 specification antifreeze.

The Need-Release is a high-durability filter that contains an exclusive, advanced, membrane-release technology. As the coolant ages, the Need-Release responds to the changing chemistry. The membranes corrode, forming harmless oxides that remain in the filter, allowing the specially-formulated SCA chemistry to dissolve in the coolant, restoring an anti-corrosive environment without increasing TDS significantly.

Extensive studies of heavy-duty engine coolants have shown that the chemicals that deplete include nitrite, MBT or TT, silicate, and anti-foam. Depending on the coolant in service, a stabilizer may also be desirable. To optimize the life of the coolant, the SCA in Need-Release consists of a balance of sodium nitrite, MBT, a conservative amount of sodium silicate, an anti-foam, and Stabil-Aid, Penray’s exclusive coolant stabilizer.

Unlike Pencool® SCA products, Need-Release cannot serve as the only inhibitor in a coolant. It is engineered to be used with antifreeze, and provides optimum service when used with a non-phosphate, RP-329 or RP-330 specification product. The combination of Need-Release with these types of coolants is the essence of the Penray Fill-For-Life® coolant program, which eliminates the need to change coolant for the life (to overhaul) of the engine. (See Penray technical bulletin 97.001

Penray Technical Bulletin