Winterizing your gasoline engine

Gasoline needs to be kept dry to avoid expensive engine shut-downs in the Winter! Proper Fuel injection maintenance helps assure quick starts, easy operation.

An annual pre-winter check will help prevent unnecessary cold weather problems.


1. Dry out the system:

Before the hard Winter sets in, dry your fuel system with a water-removing fuel additive such as Penray Nox-Ice. These are very inexpensive, Isopropanol additives that remove any existing water from your fuel system. Make sure that your tank is at least one-half full and pour in a quart of Nox-Ice.

2. Change the fuel filter:

Install a fresh, clean fuel filter. An old fuel filter will plug much faster than a new one.

Use a fuel injector or system cleaner:

Treat your fuel with a cleaning fuel treatment, such as Penray Fuel Injection Cleaner or Penray Gas Treatment. These products address injector gumming and lubrication.

They are inexpensive and effective cold weather aids. Clean injectors provide easier starting, resulting in less battery and starter wear.