Winterizing your cooling system

Making sure that your truck’s cooling system is ready for cold weather is a quick but very important check! There are two things you need to know:


  • freeze point, or antifreeze concentration
  • additive (Pencool SCA) concentration

When your truck is filled at the factory it typically receives a 50% mix of antifreeze and water with a chemical inhibitor package designed for heavy-duty operation. Over time, the engine coolant may be diluted with water during maintenance, and the additive package wears out slowly. You can check the condition of your coolant very easily by using a Penray Universal 3-way test strip. These test strips will tell you right away how your coolant is doing.

If you check and find that your coolant is weak in antifreeze or additive, Penray has a step-by step guide available that includes easy to use charts to help you get the coolant right back where you need it! Just click here to go to the Penray coolant guide. Now that you’ve been through the coolant check, your truck’s coolant is ready for Winter! Do you want to check out your fuel system? Choose diesel or gasoline systems to get some tips on winterizing your fuel system.