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Fuel Prep™ 1000 Diesel Fuel Conditioner

100032 Fuel Prep Diesel Fuel Conditioner jpg

Year round fuel treatment. Combats sludge formation and disperses existing sludge in fuel tanks. Reduces or eliminates conditions conducive to bacterial and fungal growth. Helps clean dirty injectors, enhances fuel lubricity and improves fuel stability to reduce filter plugging. Prevents corrosion and prepares fuel tanks for winter conditions and storage. Fuel Prep™ also conditions less stable diesel fuels by allowing them to burn cleaner and more completely, thus improving emissions and injector spray patterns to help extend diesel particulate regeneration cycles. Fuel Prep™ also reduces accumulation of unburned carbon particles so engines stay cleaner. Regular use of this conditioner also reduces lube oil dilution and contamination. BioDiesel and ULSD compliant.

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Tech Bulletins:

Part # Quantity Net Contents Container Type
100012 12 / Case 12 fl. oz. Bottle
100032 12 / Case 32 fl. oz. Bottle
100005 1 / Case 5 Gallons Pail
100055 1 / Case 55 Gallons Drum