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ELC Corrosion Inhibitor 2798

Formulated for automobiles and light-duty gasoline powered trucks.

Penray 2798 is an organic acid technology (OAT) corrosion inhibitor system. This antifreeze inhibitor package features a silicate-free, phosphate-free and amine-free formula providing trouble-free service.

Antifreeze/coolant made with glycol consistent with ASTM E1177-14 and Penray 2798 is compatible with GM Dexcool® brand antifreeze and other specifications listed below . It is also compatible with similar “orange” carboxylate inhibited antifreeze brands. Penray’s 2798 single system technology offers the easiest method of manufacturing an OAT engine coolant.

Store above 75°F (23.8°C) to prevent gelling.

Blending Instructions: 50/50 Pre-dilute coolant contains 3.25% by volume of 2798
Concentrate Contains 6.5% by volume of 2798



• ASTM D-3306
• ASTM D-4985
• ASTM RP-323

Using and maintaining a properly formulated coolant is one of the most important aspects of engine maintenance.

Link to INH2798 [1] flyer.