Part No. 2000's

PENCOOL®COOLING SYSTEM TREATMENT (200016, 200064, 20005, 200055)

Pencool® 2000 is a unique liquid formula to keep diesel engines running cleaner. This easy-to-use product reduces scaling and corrosion and acts as a lubricant in the cooling system. Pencool® 2000 controls formation of harmful scale deposits, reduces metal corrosion and cavitation erosion, and lubricates the water pump and other metal surfaces. Pencool® 2000 eliminates messy filters, saving you maintenance time costs.

  • Reduces corrosion, cavitation erosion, and liner pitting
  • Lubricates water pump and other metal surfaces to reduce wear
  • Controls formation of harmful scale deposits
  • Designed for water only cooling system applications
Part # Quantity Net Contents Container
200016 12 / Case 16 fl. oz. Bottle
200064 6 / Case 1/2 Gallon Jug
200005 1 5 Gallons Pail
200055 1 55 Gallons Drum