Part No. 2798N


Formulation for heavy duty diesel engines includes nitrite, excludes silicate, phosphate and amines.

Penray 2798N is a nitrited organic acid technology (NOAT) ELC corrosion inhibitor concentrate for heavy-duty diesel engines. This antifreeze inhibitor package contains nitrite and molybdate for heavy duty wet sleeve liner protection. 2798N is silicate-free, phosphate-free and amine free. Contains molybdate.

Antifreeze/coolant made with glycol consistent with ASTM E1177-14 and Penray 2798N is compatible with CAT EC-1 and other specifications listed below. Penray 2798N offers the easiest method of manufacturing NOAT technology antifreeze or engine coolant.

Antifreeze made with 2798N may be operated 300,000 miles. Adding a heavy duty NOAT ELC extender increases service to 600,000 miles.

Store above 75ºF (23.8ºC) to avoid gelling.

Blending Instructions:
50/50 Pre-dilute coolant contains 4.05% by volume of 2798N
Concentrate Contains 8.1% by volume of 2798N


  • Superior corrosion protection for aluminum, steel, iron, copper, brass and solder
  • Up to 600,000 mile cooling system corrosion protection with extender
  • Single system technology offers the easiest method of manufacturing
  • Compatible with Texaco® and Caterpillar® ELC and other “strawberry-red” NOAT coolants
  • Silicate, phosphate and amine free, contains molybdate
  • Lubricity agents extend water pump life


  • TMC RP-329A      – ASTM D-4985
  • TMC RP-364         – ASTM D-3306
  • TMC RP-330        – ASTM D-6210
  • TMC RP-323

Using and maintaining a properly formulated coolant is one of the most important aspects of engine maintenance.