Part No. 2901


Is your “check engine” light on? Are you concerned the car may not pass an emission’s test?
Penray’s Catalytic Converter Cleaner Kit ensures the converter remains clean for peak emission performance. In addition, the entire fuel system is cleaned to help reduce carbon buildup for optimal converter performance.

Benefits Include:

  • Preventing failure code re-occurrence
  • Improving emissions to factory levels, up to 50% improvement to pass emission tests
  • Extending life of catalytic converter
  • Cleaning fuel system & catalytic converter
  • Restoring fuel economy


Penray 2912 Catalytic Converter Cleaner
Penray 2216 Total Fuel System Cleaner

Note: Requires special tools for application Penray SP304TR

Step 1: Catalytic Converter Cleaner 2912 Connects to the air intake system via SP304TR application tool, see page 25.

Step 2: Total Fuel System Cleaner 2216
Add to fuel tank to clean fuel injectors, filter and
combustion chamber. See page 1 for full product details.

Part # Quantity Net Contents Container
2901 6/Case 1 KIT Carton