Part No. 7612


7612 Crankcase & Differential Cleaner removes gum, sludge, varnish and moisture. Simply add, run and drain this quick 5-minute cleaner! After using the entire engine oil will circulate freely. Frees sticky valves, lifters and rings. Excellent at removing water from differential, crankcase and hydraulic oil systems.

  • Dual solvent technology for gas & diesel
  • 5 Minute Cleaner: Just add, run & drain!
  • Removes gum, sludge, varnish, and moisture
  • Ideal for removing water from differential

For cleaning crankcase and engine oil system: Add entire bottle through oil filler opening and run the engine at idle for 5 minutes prior to oil change. Do not drive vehicle or rev engine with product in oil. Drain oil and replace filter as usual for an oil change.

For cleaning differentials: Partially drain or remove enough gear oil to allow the entire bottle to be added to the differential. Slowly roll vehicle backward and forwards 20 or 30 feet to allow cleaner to circulate throughout the housing. Do not move faster than idle speed and do not put any load on the drive train. Penray does not recommend engaging the drive train or turning the wheels under power while a vehicle is on a lift. Drain and replace gear oil as usual. For best performance use Penray Synthetic Gear Oils part numbers 3632 and 3532.

Part # Quantity Net Contents Container
7612 12 / Case 12 fl. oz. Bottle