81012 Penray Diesel Fuel Prep™

81012 Diesel Fuel Prep Concentrated For Auto & Light Duty Vehicles jpg

Penray Diesel Fuel Prep™ is specifically concentrated for light duty vehicles to improve performance. Diesel Fuel Prep™ is formulated to clean the engine to restore power and maximize fuel economy!

Benefits of Penray Diesel Fuel Prep™:
• Concentrated year-round diesel fuel conditioner for auto and light duty engines
• Cleans fuel injectors to maximize fuel economy and restore power
• Improves performance Lifts cetane up to 8 numbers
• One bottle treats 20 gallons for an 8 cetane* number lift, 40 gallons for a 4 number lift
• Biodiesel compatible and ULSD compliant
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82612 Ethanol Stabilizer

82612 Ethanol Stabilizer jpg

Penray Ethanol Stabilizer is a unique 4-in-1 ethanol treatment,  fuel stabilizer, corrosion inhibitor and fuel system cleaner in one!

Benefits of Penray Ethanol Stabilizer:
• 12 oz treats up to 20 gallons
• Treats and stabilizes fuel for up to one year
• Helps prevent ethanol separation, corrosion,
and sludge during storage
• Keeps fuel injectors clean and prevents fuel
system carbon deposits

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83112 Penray Diesel Engine Oil Treatment

83112 Diesel Engine Oil Treatment jpg

Penray Diesel Engine Oil Treatment helps protect new and old engines. Diesel Engine Oil Treatment is formulated to reduce friction, heat and wear while replenishing oil additives to ensure performance.

Benefits of Penray Diesel  Engine Oil Treatment:
• Concentrated oil treatment replenishes diesel oil additives to ensure performance during extended change intervals
• Maximum strength formula helps protect new and old engines
• Disperses sludge to keep engine clean
• Neutralizes acid deposits/build-up to prevent corrosion
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84150 Penray Glass Cleaner

84150 Glass Cleaner jpg

Professional grade formula that cleans and brightens surfaces. Penray glass cleaner does not leave a film, streaks or light distorting residues. It is ideal for glass, porcelain, and plastic, it can remove bug, sap and tar from windshields and it is safe for tinted windows.

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