3416 Silicone Spray

3416 Silicone Spray jpg

  • Waterproofs, lubricates, and insulates all types of mechanical equipment
  • Clear, lightweight coating ideal for rubber and metal
  • Protects and renews rubber mountings, bushings and weather stripping
  • Lubricates and prevents freezing of doors, locks, windows, and drawers
  • Won’t melt, freeze, or gum-up; effective from -35º to 325ºF
  • For automotive, heavy duty, farm, industrial, snow plow blades, and marine use

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4424 Rubberized Undercoat

4424 Rubberized Undercoat jpg

  • Quick drying, black rubberized waterproof coating
  • Protects surfaces from rust and corrosion, extreme heat & cold, dust, fumes, and road salt
  • May be painted over with no bleed-through
  • For automotive applications: use on undercarriage, frame, and wheel wells to help reduce road noise
  • General use: minor roof repairs, gutters and downspouts, foundations and driveway cracks, tree wounds

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4516 PR-3 Penetrant and Lubricant

4516 PR-3 Wrench-eze And Lubricant jpg

  • Penetrating lubricant frees rusted and difficult to remove parts
  • Displaces water, lubricates and protects metal parts
  • Reduces friction and helps silence squeaks
  • Silicone-free formula suitable for body shop use
  • Pleasant vanilla scent
  • Not for sale in CA

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4616 4.0 Cleaner & Lubricant

4616 4.0 Cleaner & Lubricant jpg

4.0 Cleaner & Lubricant is formulated for multi-purpose uses. It cleans tar, sap and dried, built-up grease. Dries completely to prevent dust and grit build-up. Will not harm paint finishes. 4.0 Cleaner & Lubricant prevents sticking and squeaking of hinges and latches. It also lubricates and conditions weather stripping and bushings for longer life. Protects against rust and provides a water resistant barrier.

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4816 White Lithium Grease

4816 White Lithium Grease jpg

Offers superior corrosion and friction protection. High lubricity grease works equally well in high and low temperatures and in all types of weather. Ideal for automotive, truck, marine, farm equipment and household accessories.



  • Heavy duty metal lubrication
  • Long lasting grease works well in all temperatures and weather conditions
  • Water and heat resistant corrosion and friction protection
  • Automotive and heavy duty use:  door, hood, 
    trunk latches, hinges, speedometer cables, seat guides
  • Marine use:  boat control cables, linkages, trailer rollers, slides, winches
  • General use:  garage doors, farm equipment, all applications where lubrication and protection are desired
  • Not for sale in CA

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4908 Belt Dressing

4908 Belt Dressing jpg

  • Increases friction to eliminate squeaking, chatter and slipping
  • Preserves belts to prevent glazing and premature failure
  • For use with accessory drive and all types of “V” belts
  • Promotes better grip

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