2601 Direct Injection Kit2601 Direct Injection Kit is designed specifically for GDI engines to clean the back of the intake valve and entire fuel system! Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines are complex and expensive to repair. A major concern with a GDI engine is ensuring the back of the
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2901 Catalytic Convertor Cleaning Kit jpg

 Is your “check engine” light on? Are you concerned the car may not pass an emission’s test?
Penray’s Catalytic Converter Cleaner Kit ensures the converter remains clean for peak emission performance. In addition, the entire fuel system is cleaned to help reduce carbon buildup for optimal converter performance.

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2-Step Engine Re-Charge Kit 7502

7502 Engine Re-Charge Kit jpg

  • Cleans the entire oil system
  • Reduces engine heat and wear to prolong the life
    of engine components
  • Boosts detergents and additives to extend engine oil life
  • Extends engine component life
  • Maintains engine performance and efficiency
  • Prevents corrosion and keeps engine clean
  • For professional use only

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2-Step Fuel Injection And Induction Clean-Up Kit 2102

2102 Fuel Injection and Induction Clean-Up Kit jpg

  • Provides total fuel system cleanup, including fuel
    injectors and intake runners, ports and valves
  • Helps restore MPG and removes carbon and other deposits
  • Formulated with powerful detergents for maximum performance
  • Use with 303-IV, SP302BC or SP300FI Tools
  • For professional use only

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8405-headlight-restoration-kitHow well do your headlamps light the night?
Yellow or faded headlights can reduce visibility and driving safety at night. Penray’s 2-Step Headlight Restoration Kit 8405 is a long-lasting and cost-effective treatment.

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2-Step Power Steering Fluid Tune-Up Kit 3902

3902 Power Steering Fluid Tune-Up Kit jpg

  • Cleans and replenishes power steering systems using  conventional fluid
  • Decreases heat and friction to prolong component life
  • Reduces power steering fluid pump noise
  • Meets specs of GM, Ford, Chrysler and most domestic
    and foreign auto manufacturers*
  • Use with PSX3000, PSX2000, or PSX2500 fluid exchange machine

*Refer to PSF application guide for make/model specifications

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2-Step Transmission Tune-Up Kit 6537

6537 Transmission Tune-Up Kit jpg

  • Cleans and conditions entire transmission system
  • Restores smooth shifting
  • Conditions seals and O-rings; reduces friction and wear
  • Frees sticky valves
  • Use with TSD440 or TSD450 fluid exchange machines
  • For Professional Use Only

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3-Step Fuel Injection and Air Intake Cleaner Kit 8101

8101 Fuel Injection and Air Intake Cleaner Kit jpg

Cleans harmful deposits and carbon from fuel as you drive.  Increases power and acceleration.  Improves idling and air flow.  Provides quicker starting.  Reduces emissions. Lubricates upper cylinder and throttle plate.

  • All the benefits of 2102, plus cleans air intake
  • Use with 303-IV, SP302BC or SP300FI Tools
  • For professional use only
  • Not for use in CA, UT, DE or NH

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3-Step Premium Fuel Injector Clean-Up Kit 2503

2503 Premium Fuel Injector Clean-Up Kit jpg

Designed to provide an extremely thorough cleaning of the entire fuel system by cleaning through the rail and throttle body, removing carbon and cleaning the tank. Restores performance and driveability. Cleans harmful deposits. Prevents hesitation, stalling and poor performance. Provides increased power and acceleration, improved idling and quicker starting. Helps reduce emissions.

  • Thorough upper engine cleaning through the rail, vacuum, and fuel system
  • Cleans combustion chamber deposits
  • Helps restore fuel economy
  • Increases power and performance
  • Use with 303-IV, SP302BC or SP300FI (vacuum) and SP305DC or SP304TR (rail) Tools
  • For professional use only

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