8021 Tire Gloss – 50 State

Penray Tire Gloss is a fast acting tire shine that is a highly effective protectant for rubber and vinyl. It will restore and deepen color for a like new appearance with a weatherproof shine. This mess-free formula is easy to use, with no wiping required. Can even be used on dashboard, seats and rubber mats to restore color and shine. 

Like New Appearance
High Gloss Protectant
• Restores & Deepens Color
• Weatherproof
• 50 State VOC 
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8022 Instant Shine Detailer

8022 Instant Shine Detailer

Penray Instant Shine Detailer is a fast drying dressing formulated to shine vinyl and plastic surfaces. Designed to lay flat with no wiping necessary. Hides wax marks on trim. Misting action shines hard to reach areas like vents. Not for use on rubber.

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8023 Fabric Cleaner

 Penray Fabric Cleaner is specially formulated for automotive use to gently foam away soil, dirt and tough stains from vehicle fabric such as; velour, cloth, carpet and other similar surfaces. Penray Fabric Cleaner will not soak into fabric, leaving the surface clean and dry.

• Will not soak into Fabric
• Cleans Velour, Cloth, Carpets & Upholstery
• Gently Foams Away Soil, Dirt & Grime
• Leaves Surface Clean & Dry
• Professional Quality 

Part # Qty. Net Contents Container
8023 12/Case 19 oz Can