Penray Awards Salesmen Of The Year

Pictured from left: Jason Hall, Sarkis Aroyan, Joe Long, Randy Fowler

Penray recently awarded Power Fleet Sales Manager, Jason Hall and International Sales Manager,Sarkis Aroyan at the Penray National Sales Meeting held in Chicago, IL. as 2012 Salesmen Of The Year. “We are very proud of these two seasoned salesmen for all their efforts, they are well deserving of these awards”, said Randy Fowler,Vice President of Sales.


With routine tune-ups nearly a thing of the past, and with greatly extended recommended service intervals, vehicles may experience system degradation gradually, so that motorists may never even realize they have reduced performance and efficiency. Further, long-deferred maintenance can ultimately contribute to parts failure and costly and unnecessary repairs that could have been prevented. Customers are also holding onto their vehicles longer, extending the vehicle’s life span and increasing the importance of maintenance.

So it is all the more important for service technicians to recommend proper preventive maintenance during service visits that are becoming less and less frequent. In light of that, Penray offers a variety of system-specific Installer Service Kits that include the chemicals needed to clean, protect, and fortify various vehicle systems. These kits include cleaners, protectants, conditioners, and lubricants needed to restore performance. They keep vehicle systems working at optimum levels and help extend service life. Penray also offers Installer tools and full lines of automotive, heavy duty and shop chemicals.

Penray Installer Service Kits are designed for professional use only, taking advantage of the tools, techniques, and expertise found in professional repair shops. As such, they provide an attractive profit opportunity for the service shop, while offering substantial value and protection to the customer.

The Penray Installer line encompasses a collection of kits providing preventive maintenance for systems such as power steering, cooling and engine oil. Penray also offers a variety of fuel system kits specifically formulated for gasoline and diesel that provide total system clean-up by removing harmful deposits and carbon that cause problems such as hesitation, high exhaust emissions and poor gas mileage.

Each Penray Installer Service Kit includes two or three task-specific preventive maintenance chemicals designed to clean, rejuvenate, and fortify vehicular systems and their fluids, helping to maximize performance and extend vehicle life. Penray also provides a Lifetime Preventive Maintenance Protection Plan to further help shops instill customer confidence in coverage.

Penray Installer kits are all developed, compounded, blended and packaged in the USA. Detailed information on the various kits can be found here on our website, On-line training videos are available for technicians, providing helpful information on the proper use of these kits, the functions they perform, and the benefits to motorists.

“We challenged our staff chemists to come up with kits of products that provide complete service for the systems they’re designed for,” explains Bill Nonnamaker, Senior Vice President of Sales for Penray. “Because these are sophisticated chemicals that require specific procedures in order to deliver the best possible results, we do not offer them to consumers. Rather, we rely on the expertise of the thousands of professional technicians who work in service bays every day and have a clear understanding of how systems work and how best to extend their life. This is just one way we partner with independent repair shops and technicians, helping them to work better and more profitably.”

“Further evidence of our confidence in, and support for, independent repair shops and their technicians can be found in the free, hands-on training we offer. Our professional, full-time trainers offer detailed hands-on education in which technicians can learn to properly diagnose and solve various problems with fuel systems, both gasoline and diesel, as well as cooling and lubrication systems. Training schedules fill quickly. Repair shop owners can get more information from their Penray products supplier, or by contacting Penray Customer Service at 1-800-373-6729.

Aroyan Promoted To Senior Sales Manager International/Inhibitor Markets

Penray congratulates Sarkis Aroyan on his recent promotion to Senior Sales Manager, International/Inhibitor Markets.  Penray had the fortune of hiring Sarkis shortly after his graduation from The University of Iowa.  In his 20 plus year career at Penray, Sarkis has worked in Powerfleet marketing, the Penray automotive division as a Regional Sales Manager and his most recent assignments in Penray International and Inhibitor markets.  Sarkis is also active in the ASTM group, and is currently a committee chairman.  He is viewed by his industry peers as an expert in the antifreeze inhibitor market.

Sarkis Aroyan promoted to Senior Sales Manager, International/Inhibitor Markets

Sarkis Aroyan promoted to Senior Sales Manager, International/Inhibitor Markets

Bill Wicker And Mike Goodheart Receive Lifetime Achievement Awards

Penray awarded Bill Wicker and Mike Goodheart Lifetime Achievement Awards recently at the Penray National Sales Meeting held in Chicago, IL.

Bill Wicker recently retired in Feb. 2012 with forty-six years of dedicated service to Penray. “Bill never met a stranger and was always eager to help out our new Penray salesmen.  His charm and wit has made us laugh over the years, which made him an endearing friend to all that came in contact with him.  We are truly blessed to have had an employee of his caliber represent our products and philosophies, as they have become the foundation of our programs that will remain for many years to come”, said Randy Fowler, Vice President Sales.

Mike Goodheart recently retired in December of 2012 after thirty-nine years of dedicated service to Penray. “During Mike’s career, he has been a member of TMC (Technology and Maintenance Council) and earned the unique distinction of being honored as a Recognized Associate, and their highest honor, the Silver Spark Plug award. He has chaired many task force meetings of which have led to many recommended practices for TMC. In addition, Mike also was awarded the highest sales honor, The Shoemaker Award by Midwest Wheel”, said Randy Fowler, Vice President of Sales.

Pictured from left: Dave Sholtis, Mike Goodheart, Bill Wicker, Randy Fowler

Bob Poye Joins Penray Companies, Inc. As Regional Sales Manager, In Automotive Division

Bob Poye has joined The Penray Companies, Inc. as a Regional Sales Manager, in the Automotive Division.  Bob is an automotive industry veteran with over 25 years’ experience calling on national accounts, retail accounts and traditional distributors. In his most recent assignment Bob handled the brake component business in the Southeastern USA for Akebono Brake Corporation.  Prior to joining Akebono Brake Corporation, Bob spent many years in various capacities at Federal-Mogul Corporation handling their Champion Spark Plug, Anco Wiper and Wagner lighting product brands.

“We are very excited to welcome Bob to our team, ”  said Tony Costa, Penray National Sales Director – Automotive


New Penray Plus Glass Cleaner cuts road grime, leaves streak-free finish

Penray Plus Glass CleanerThe Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced Penray Plus™ professional-grade glass cleaner that is designed specifically for vehicle windows. Most glass cleaning products on the market are ammonia-based, and are designed either for household use or as multi-purpose cleaners. But this new ammonia-free product from Penray is designed specifically for use on vehicle windows, where cleaning needs differ greatly from those in household windows.

Vehicle windows in general, and windshields in particular, accumulate debris that’s not common to household windows. Bugs, tar, road film, car wash residue, evaporated haze from vinyls used in dash boards and upholstery, tree sap – all of these substances collect on vehicle windows, and all tend to be resistant to general-purpose cleaners.

It took the ingenuity of an automotive chemical company to develop a formula designed specifically to remove all of these materials. And Penray is just the company to do it. With a 59-year history of producing made-in-the-USA service chemicals and functional fluids, Penray is now introducing a glass cleaner that is expected to become the product of choice for professional detailers and DIYers alike.

Penray Plus Glass Cleaner features an ammonia-free formulation that will cut through and remove all of the substances described above, while leaving a finish free of film, streaks, and residue – all of which can cause annoying distortion for motorists. In addition, Penray Plus Glass Cleaner is safe to use on tinted windows and even, gently, on windows with defroster/defogger grids.

Explains Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray, “Up until now, detailing professionals and do-it-yourselfers had to rely on multi-purpose household cleaners for cleaning windows in cars, trucks, and SUVs. Typically these products have been ineffective in removing the stubborn bugs, sap, and other materials that accumulate on vehicle windshields and windows. Those ordinary cleaners often leave streaks or an annoying haze that can be disturbing, distracting, and even unsafe, especially when sun glare accentuates the distortion caused by that residue.”

Continues Cooper, “Our chemists, working right here in our U.S. labs, have devised an innovative new ammonia-free formulation that cleans windshields, along with side and rear glass, easily and without streaking or residue. It’s safe to use on tinted windows, and has a mild fragrance without the pungent odor of ammonia so common in household cleaners.”

The chemical composition of Penray Plus Glass Cleaner was produced from years of experience in the chemical business and knowledge of the consumer.  The product will be available through wholesalers and retailers this summer.

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.

Gilbert Assigned A Regional Sales Manager For Penray Automotive Division

Penray congratulates Jody Gilbert in his new assignment as a Regional Manager for the Automotive Division. Jody joined Penray in 2012, and in his last position as Regional Trainer, he did an excellent job in educating our customer base and bringing our products to the next level. “We feel that with his overall experience, he will be a great asset for the division,” said Tony Costa, National Sales Director, Automotive Division.

Jody Gilbert Assigned As Regional Sales Manager To Penray Automotive Division

Jody Gilbert Assigned As Regional Sales Manager To Penray Automotive Division


If your facility has in-ground tanks for diesel fuel storage, Penray, suggests that it’s time for cleaning. After a long, hard winter, stored diesel fuel will have accumulated moisture, corrosion, oxidation, and sludge, along with sediment deposits. If introduced into vehicles or stationary diesel engine tanks, these deposits and materials can cause a host of problems. And such issues are especially problematic with Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and bio-fuels.

Fortunately help is on the way.

For those facilities that prefer to do their own treatment, Penray offers their Fuel Prep™ Biocide. It’s no secret that cold weather condensation can add significant quantities of water to stored diesel fuels. Further, new systems and processes, like vapor recovery systems and the blending of bio-fuels, can introduce water into the fuel. And once water is present, harmful bacteria and fungi can grow in these fuel supplies.

Penray’s Fuel Prep Biocide is specially blended to eliminate such microbial activity in diesel fuel supplies. By doing so, this product can help eliminate the clogged filters, clean-out costs and, in extreme cases, corrosion that can be sufficient to cause tanks to leak, resulting in expensive repairs and costly environmental remediation.

If professional help is needed, you’ll be happy to know there is a Doctor in the house…

Penray offers its exclusive Fuel Doctor program for fleets, distributors, and other facilities that store large quantities of diesel fuel. Penray’s Fuel Doctors are specially-trained diesel fuel experts who are available to make house calls. They can provide on-site diesel fuel sampling, analysis, and treatment.

Penray’s Fuel Doctors provide testing that can reveal the presence of water, evidence of corrosion, and indications of microbial growth, all of which can compromise the viability of the fuel. Samples can then be sent to off-site testing labs for confirmation of field testing results. Penray provides complimentary initial system testing free of charge. Armed with all of this data, Penray’s Fuel Doctors then schedule a consultation with the facility manager with recommendations for remediation.

If testing and evaluation suggest the need for “intensive care,” it’s comforting to know that Penray has partnered with Allied Oil & Tire Co. to provide a full range of treatment, maintenance, and remediation services for diesel fuel storage tanks. Allied has extensive history and expertise in such services and, in concert with Penray, can provide any level of corrective action needed. Allied technicians have earned confined space certification, so they are fully qualified to enter, clean and repair fuel storage tanks as needed.

Explains Penray’s Greg Mixon, Director Heavy Duty Sales , “Penray has more than a half-century of experience in developing and producing additives that support the viability of diesel fuels. Our Fuel Doctor Program is just one more example of the knowledge and customer service we bring to the diesel fuel industry.”

Adds Mixon, “The combination of our made-in-the-USA additives and treatment chemicals, along with our industry-leading Fuel Doctor program and our partnership with Allied, allow us to offer the industry’s most complete package of the products and services needed by owners and operators of diesel fuel storage facilities. They can reach out to Penray to assure that diesel fuel supplies remain fresh and potent, especially with the change of seasons upon us.”

Penray engineers recommend twice-yearly testing of in-ground diesel fuel storage supplies, with treatment as necessary to assure that fuel will not cause problems in the vehicles and equipment that rely on diesel power.

For an appointment with a Fuel Doctor, fleets and other customers can contact their Penray sales representative or call us at Ph. 800.323.6329

Fuel Doctor Program

Joe Long, National Sales Director – Power Fleet Receives TMC Award

Congratulations to Joe Long, Penray National Sales Director – Power Fleet Division on receiving the TMC Recognized Associate Award! Joe is pictured here accepting his award presented by Al Anderson, Chairman of Associates of TMC. The award was given out earlier this week at the TMC Annual Meetings held at the Opryland Hotel & Convention Center in Nashville, TN.

“We are very proud of Joe’s accomplishments at TMC, Joe has spent a lot of time and effort with this organization, and he has been justly rewarded with this honor ” said Randy Fowler, Penray Vice President of Sales.

About Penray:

Headquartered in Wheeling, IL., Penray has been the standard of excellence in product quality and service for professionals for more than five decades. Penray sets the pace in cooling system treatments, fuel treatments, and shop chemicals that maximize performance and help extend vehicle life.


Contemporary new logo and branding reflect
renewed commitment to the chemicals aftermarket

 Wheeling, IL March 19, 2013 – The Penray Companies, Inc. have been a respected supplier of chemical products for automotive, heavy-duty, industrial and marine markets for more than a half-century. The company is now introducing a fresh new logo that reflects the company’s renewed commitment to being a leader in the performance chemicals market. Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray is now introducing a new graphics package, beginning with a new logo which serves as a representation of the company’s forward-looking approach to the market. This logo is being incorporated into product packaging, cataloging, and other print materials, and a new website, also built around this new look, will soon be unveiled.

In addition to the corporate logo, new branding is also being introduced for the automotive aftermarket, with branding specific to individual channels of distribution and types of customers. Automotive products for the traditional aftermarket will be sold under the Penray Performance™ brand, and will be distributed through WDs and jobbers to auto repair shops. Products for the retail aftermarket will be branded Penray Plus™, and will be distributed through retail auto parts chains. And Penray products sold through discount stores will be branded Super-X®.

In the heavy-duty arena, Penray’s Power Fleet division will continue to market using the Penray brand for its respected Pencool® line of cooling system products including Need-Release® extended-life cooling system filters, and diesel fuel additives. Penray’s export and custom manufacturing divisions will continue to serve international customers and to provide private label products for select customers.

“Penray’s new logo, web site, and packaging graphics represent an important step forward for our company,” explains David Sholtis, Penray CEO. “Penray has always made and sold the highest quality chemical products that work exceptionally well. We now have an exciting new logo and packaging, and we plan to support this fresh look with aggressive marketing strategies and customer service enhancements that will enhance the Penray value proposition.”

Adds Sholtis, “Service professionals and DIYers want and need products that work well and provide outstanding value. With our own chemists and manufacturing and blending facilities here in the U.S., Penray is especially well-positioned to make and market standard-setting chemical products that deliver top performance while meeting national and local environmental standards. Our new graphics package is solid evidence of our commitment to growth and excellence in maintenance and repair.”

Founded in 1954, Penray manufactures liquid and aerosol products in one of two plants in Illinois. Both facilities incorporate lean manufacturing techniques for optimal efficiency and quality control. The company has four separate business units – automotive, heavy-duty, export, and custom manufacturing for private label customers. Penray offers a variety of formulations so customers can enjoy Penray products that they know are compliant with all state and local environmental regulations.


Wheeling, IL May 24, 2016 – Penray Inc. has introduced its new Pencool® 4000 with two very distinct applications. The first application is used as a water-only ELC corrosion inhibitor for marine applications. The second aplication is as an additive specifically formulated for nitrite-free Extended Life Coolants (ELCs) used in heavy duty, commercial applications. This new blend is compatible with all ELCs, including those families of Organic Acid Technology (OAT) and Nitrited Organic Acid Technology (NOAT) coolants.  Pencool 4000 provides important corrosion inhibiors in order to enhance and maintain the effectiveness and service life of these coolants.

This formulation adds specific benefits to ELCs used in commercial and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment, by providing excellent corrosion protection and extending the service life of the coolant. In doing so, it increases uptime, reduces maintenance costs, and helps to extend the life of the vehicle by reducing engine wear.

Pencool 4000 is nitrite-free, and provides protection to all metals typically wetted by coolant; including steel, cast iron, copper and aluminum, as well as seals and elastomers found in cooling system hoses. It protects against rust and corrosion that are common in cooling systems, extending radiator life. This product contains special additives that protect against wet sleeve liner pitting, reducing long-term maintenance costs. It also helps reduce cavitation erosion, which can compromise cooling system efficiency and cause hot spots resulting in engine damage.

Pencool 4000 is ideally suited to over-the-road trucks and local delivery vehicles, as well as mobile off-highway (MOH) vehicles and construction equipment. It is an excellent choice for marine applications that use sealed cooling systems, and which often operate on water only coolant.

“The term ‘Extended Life Coolant’ might be interpreted to mean that such products never wear out. And that would be incorrect,” notes Steve Muth, Chief Chemist for Penray. “While these are excellent products and do last longer than conventional coolants, supplementation with a product like Pencool 4000 is important to maximize their extended service life.”

“We recommend periodic coolant testing to monitor the condition and effectiveness of the corrosion inhibitors used in heavy-duty cooling systems,” adds Penray’s Muth” And we certainly continue to do so, with ELCs as well as with traditional coolants. When testing shows reduced protection levels, the use of a supplement like Pencool 4000 as a booster restores coolant chemistry and performance.”

“While we continue to offer powerful and effective supplements for conventional coolant blends, this new Pencool 4000 was specifically developed for the new-generation ELC, OAT and NOAT coolants. Penray has worked hard to devise new ways to fight the corrosion and cavitation that are symptoms of compromised ELCs. Reducing the frequency of coolant flushes keeps vehicles in service for longer periods of time and promotes longer engine and vehicle life.”

Pencool 4000 is supplied in convenient 16-ounce bottles, as well as in 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums. With the addition of Pencool 4000, Penray covers both conventional aplications with Pencool 2000 for marine use, Pencool 3000 for heavy-duty truck applications and Pencool 4000 for ELC applications covering marine and heavy duty vehicles.

Pencool 4000 Product Page



Penray Plus is now on TV! Tune in today to view our new commercial by As Seen On TV and purchase Penray Plus Tire Fix Plus™, Liquid Tune-Up™ 3-Step Kit and Glass Cleaner. These unique DIY Penray Plus products help maintain your vehicle’s performance and appearance as well as provide fast acting solutions that are easy to use.

Our new commercial aired in three metro markets: Atlanta on ESPN 2, Dallas on Fox Sports and Chicago on the Discovery Channel between 6am and Midnight.

Missed our commercial? Click this link to view the video on youtube

To order direct from As Seen On TV call 1-800-476-5608 or

For more information on our Plus Product line


Wheeling, IL May 2, 2014 – Motorists around the country are becoming aware that the gasoline they buy for their cars and light trucks can contain up to 15 percent ethanol. In fact the U.S. Department of Energy states that more than 95 percent of gasoline sold in the U.S. contains as much as 10 percent ethanol. While the goals of adding ethanol to gasoline are noble, such blends can present a host of driveability problems and a reduction in fuel economy of as much as 25 percent.

Ethanol is particularly troublesome because it is hygroscopic — that is, it attracts moisture, from the atmosphere and any other available source. Since water and gasoline do not mix, the ethanol and gasoline combine into a single liquid which separates in the fuel tank and lines, forming a layer of this ethanol/water blend in the bottom of the tank. Since this ethanol/water blend burns much leaner than gasoline, this can cause engine damage when it is sucked up by the fuel pump.

In response to the growing number of concerns and complaints about the use of ethanol fuels, The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced its new Penray Plus Ethanol Stabilizer. This innovative new product brings several specific benefits to the motoring public:

>  First, the Ethanol Stabilizer incorporates a special solvent to prevent the ethanol and gasoline from separating in the fuel in the tank. Without such a solvent the ethanol /water layer can corrode the inside of the fuel tank and degrade fuel lines, fuel injectors, and other critical fuel system components. It can, of course, also cause driveability problems as the engine ingests ethanol and water instead of blended gasoline.

>  Second, an antioxidant in this new Penray Plus product prevents degradation of the fuel, which is important since ethanol-based fuels can form corrosive acids due to oxidation. This antioxidant also prevents formation of gums and varnishes that can accumulate in fuel systems, possibly compromising the operation of precision-machined fuel injectors and other fuel system components.

>  Third, Penray Plus Ethanol Stabilizer includes a specially formulated corrosion inhibitor to counteract the effects of ethanol on aluminum and other metals found in older carbureted engines.

>  Fourth, the product also includes a cleansing agent that helps to break up, and prevent, the formation of carbon deposits that can clog valves and fuel injectors, wasting fuel and causing starting and driveability issues.

In addition to preserving the performance and efficiency of motor vehicles, Penray Plus Ethanol Stabilizer also serves to extend the life of ethanol-based fuels that may be in storage for extended periods of time. Such would be the case with lawn and garden equipment and auxiliary generators, as well as powersports vehicles such as snowmobiles, ATV’s, and personal watercraft.

“While new technologies in fuel chemistry can have environmental and other benefits, they often bring unintended consequences,” explains Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray. “In the case of ethanol fuels, the tendency to attract moisture brings the potential for separation of the fuel components within the fuel system. This is much more of a problem with ethanol-based fuels than with non-ethanol blends since cars in the US are not designed to run on pure ethanol.”

Adds Penray’s Kardon, “Regular use of our new Ethanol Stabilizer will keep fuel homogeneous during storage to help prevent unseen corrosion that can compromise the performance and efficiency of fuel system components, and even damage them, leading to expensive repairs. Most vehicles today have the fuel pump mounted inside the fuel tank, and replacement of the pump can cost a thousand dollars or more. Regular use of Penray’s new Ethanol Stabilizer can help prevent the need for such costly repairs.”




Wheeling, IL October 8, 2014 – The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced a new year-round diesel fuel product for medium and heavy duty vehicles, called Pow-R 365™

5 in 1 Diesel Treatment. This versatile new blend of additives and conditioners improves fuel economy and engine performance in commercial and construction/agricultural operating environments in both summer and winter seasons.

This exciting new diesel fuel additive gets its name from the five benefits it provides on a year-round basis:

1. Increases fuel cetane rating by a full point, making for improved combustion.

2. Helps increase fuel economy, a key benefit given the ever-rising cost of diesel fuel.

3. Protects vital fuel system components like fuel injectors from corrosion, particularly important since water is often found contaminating Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) and bio-fuels.

4. Enhances lubricity, offering protection at key points of fuel system friction, like injectors and pumps.

5. Provides protection down to zero degrees F, preventing gelling that’s common in diesel fuels at lower ambient temperatures. In addition, it reduces the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) by as much as 20 degrees F.

By promoting more complete combustion, Penray’s new Pow-R 365 can help reduce regenerations of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). At the same time this more complete combustion results in enhanced fuel economy. Sold in bottles of 64 fluid ounces, each bottle treats 250 gallons of diesel fuel, making it particularly economical, and in keeping with Penray’s approach of ‘One Bottle, One Truck.’

Like other Penray products, Pow-R 365 Diesel Treatment was developed in Penray’s U.S. labs in Illinois. And, like other Penray products, it is also manufactured and packaged in the U.S.

Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray, emphasizes the versatility of this new addition to Penray’s offerings for the heavy-duty market. “Penray has long been known for high quality, high performance specialized diesel fuel additives. Pow-R 365 is a great addition to our line-up encompassing the five most important fuel additive functions in a single product,” says Cooper. “Treating with this year round product ensures your system is ready for all unexpected conditions from inclement weather to poor quality fuel.”

“We believe Pow-R 365 to be such a good product that we are backing it with a money back guarantee,” adds Cooper. “If a customer is unhappy with the product for any reason, we will provide a full refund. But of course we are so confident in this product that we expect full satisfaction by all who use it.”

Penray Pow-R 365 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Additive is just one of the many chemical products that Penray offers for heavy-duty vehicles, including Class 6, 7, and 8 over-the-highway trucks, mobile off-highway vehicles, agricultural equipment, and marine applications. Information for all of Penray’s heavy-duty and automotive products can be found on the company’s web site,

Pow-R 365 Product Page
Pow-R 365 Flyer



A leader in heavy-duty coolants, additives, and filters, The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced a new line of heavy-duty coolant filters featuring synthetic media with triple-layer engineering. In addition to the synthetic media, many of these new filters incorporate Penray’s exclusive Need-Release® technology, which introduces coolant additives and fortifiers on an as-needed basis stabilizing the coolant for optimum effectiveness. Penray also offers synthetic media filters for use with Extended Life coolants.

The new Penray synthetic media coolant filters are designed to last up to 150,000 miles, 15 months, or 3,000 operating hours. They reduce overall operating costs by reducing parts and labor costs, This new Penray coolant filter media is fully compatible with conventional coolants as well as new-generation Extended Life Coolants (ELCs). They are available for all popular class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles, as well as many mobile off-highway and marine applications.

Key to the effectiveness and durability of these new heavy-duty coolant filters is Penray’s fiberglass-based filtering media incorporated into a sophisticated triple-layer design that provides exceptional filtration, even in extreme operating conditions. Our design is built on a structural steel screen with an epoxy coating that provides a durable foundation which is wrapped in a non-woven sheet of polyester. All this is encased in Penray’s new fiberglass filtration media. The triple-layer construction allows these new filters to achieve unusually high levels of filtering efficiency and capacity for up to 150,000 miles, far longer than other filters with conventional paper filtration media.

In addition, many of these new synthetic-based coolant filters feature Penray’s exclusive Need-Release technology. Unlike time-release filters, which distribute additives at fixed time intervals even when not needed, Penray’s Need-Release filters incorporate “smart” technology. Penray’s Need-Release filters include a membrane that senses deterioration in the coolant chemistry, and responds by releasing one of its four charges of additives and fortifiers to restore coolant chemistry. Over time, as key components of the coolant are depleted, the Need-Release technology releases additional charges of supplements to again restore the coolant to viability. This process continues over extended periods of time until all four charges have been released.

Penray also offers mounting brackets, plates, and hardware for retrofit, as well as threaded bushing adapters, which will allow fleet maintenance personnel to assure that all vehicles in the fleet use the same coolant filter, greatly reducing inventory requirements.

Explains Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray, “The introduction of these new synthetic media coolant filters assures superior filtration for the long service intervals that are becoming common in heavy-duty fleet maintenance.”

“This new construction is the perfect complement to our time-tested Need-Release technology, which meters supplements and fortifiers on an as-needed basis rather than on a fixed and often ineffective time-based interval as is the case with other designs,” continues Cooper. “The smart technology of our Need-Release chemistry assures that a vehicle’s coolant will maintain the proper efficacy for an extended period of time and use, minimizing down time and maintenance costs and enhancing vehicle productivity.”


More and more motorists are opting for new “clean diesel” technology, attracted by the promise of improved fuel economy and reduced maintenance costs. But these benefits can only be achieved and sustained if their powerplants are kept in top operating condition. In response to this growing need, The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced two new products that will help owners of diesel-powered cars and light trucks optimize the performance and economy of their vehicles — Penray Plus™ Diesel Fuel Prep™ and Penray Plus Engine Oil Treatment.

Penray Plus Diesel Fuel Prep is a technology Penray originally developed for heavy-duty diesel engines. This diesel fuel treatment is engineered to keep fuel systems free of deposits and contaminants that can compromise the performance of fuel injectors and other fuel system components, all of which are manufactured to extremely tight tolerances for diesel applications. Keeping injectors clean will minimize plugging of diesel particulate filters (DPF), thus extending the life of the emissions control system.

Another key feature of this new Fuel Prep is the ability to significantly raise the cetane rating of the fuel. Higher cetane numbers accelerate the combustion process to guarantee that the fuel burns where and when it is supposed to for maximum power and efficiency. In today’s modern electronic fuel injection systems, combustion timing is more critical than ever. The new Penray Plus Diesel Fuel Prep helps to reduce maintenance costs and maintain efficiency by keeping the system clean and ensuring that consistent power and performance are preserved.

The second new product for diesel-powered cars and light trucks is Penray Plus Engine Oil Treatment. Diesel engines are very different from gasoline engines in many ways, including operating with very high compression ratios that require the chemistry of diesel fuels to burn properly. A by-product of this diesel combustion is soot, which can find its way into engine oil past the piston rings and valve guides. The problem with soot is aggravated by the higher levels of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) present in some diesel engines.

Penray’s new Engine Oil Treatment combats sooty deposits and other contaminants by dissolving them and holding them in suspension where they can be removed by the oil filter, thus preventing soot and particulates from compromising engine performance and possibly causing engine damage. This new Penray Plus product includes acid neutralizers to prevent corrosion, and also includes supplemental zinc, which fortifies the engine oil. This is especially important since oil formulations have changed in recent years with substantial reductions in zinc, which is a critical lubricant for the camshaft-to-lifter interface and other high-pressure contact areas.

“As the number of diesel-powered cars, light trucks, and SUVs increases, so does the need for technicians and motorists alike to be aware of the differences in the need for periodic maintenance,” explains Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray. “While diesel engines do not have spark plugs or conventional ignition systems that require regular tune-ups, they do have issues with both the fuel system and the lubrication system that are different from those that motorists are accustomed to with gasoline engines.”

“Our many years of experience in developing innovative and useful chemical additives for heavy-duty diesel engines gives us intimate knowledge of these differences,” adds Penray’s Kardon. “So while diesel-powered light-duty vehicles do not require the regular tune-ups we’re all familiar with, scheduled oil and filter changes are even more critical in keeping soot and particulates from clogging filters and damaging engines.”

“The use of specially-designed additives like these two new Penray products will assure that engine oil, fuel and oil filters, and emission control devices function properly during their normal service life. Combined with strict adherence to recommended schedules for changing engine oil and oil filter, as well as the engine fuel filter, these innovative made-in-the-USA chemical supplements will help keep diesel-powered light-duty vehicles performing at their peak for many thousands of miles,” concludes Kardon.


Wheeling, IL November 29, 2017  – This year’s AAPEX/SEMA show saw the introduction of the latest innovation from Penray, Inc. — their new line of TOUGH MAX™ multi-purpose cleaning products. Service professionals have long sought a cleaning product that is effective on all of the usual substances they come into contact with in their daily endeavors — things like grease, oil, and grime. However Penray’s TOUGH MAX products do so much more than that, and so much more than other cleaning products on the market.

Penray’s TOUGH MAX innovative cleaning products are offered in two variations in order to meet the many diverse cleaning needs in repair shops or home garages. Mechanics and DIYers alike will find TOUGH MAX Multi-Purpose Degreasing Wipes especially convenient for cleaning tools and parts, as well as for cleaning dirty hands. These wipes will quickly and easily clean off stubborn materials like grease, tar and ink, yet are gentle enough to be used on leather, vinyl, and even dirty hands. These handy wipes work quickly, without water, and carry a friendly and pleasant citrus scent.

Penray also offers TOUGH MAX Purple Multi-Purpose Cleaner in a stronger concentration that provides additional power for clean-up jobs found in commercial and industrial operations. This industrial-strength purple compound provides exceptional cleaning power for quickly penetrating grease, oil, and other stubborn stains. It is suitable for use on nearly any non-porous or semi-porous surfaces, including machinery and tools, as well as floors and walls, tile, porcelain, aluminum, counter tops, wood, vinyl, and even leather. It is powerful enough to remove tar, dirt, wax, ink, wet paint, most lubricants and adhesives, and even some stubborn scuff marks.  However, it is formulated to be non-corrosive so it can be used on aluminum surfaces without fear of pitting or discoloration.

TOUGH MAX liquid concentrate is available in 32-ounce trigger spray bottles, as well as larger bulk quantities in 5 and 10 gallon pails and even in a 55 gallon drum. This larger container is an especially good choice for large shops, warehouses, farm, marine, manufacturing, and other industrial applications.

The key, as they say, is in the chemistry. Penray offers these new degreasing wipes that are water-based but work without water. They are solvent-free, will not scratch or harm surfaces, require no rinsing, and leave no residue. They carry a refreshing citrus scent, and are tough enough to clean the dirtiest surfaces, and the wipes are mild enough to be used regularly as a hand cleaner.

The professional-strength concentrated cleaners are phosphate-free and non-flammable, quickly penetrate and dissolve stubborn stains, and the concentrate can be diluted with a mixture as much as 95 percent water. This allows TOUGH MAX to be used efficiently on smaller, lighter stains and materials, so a single purchase can go a very long way.

“There are other cleaning and degreasing products on the market, but none are as versatile and user-friendly as our new family of TOUGH MAX cleaners,” notes William Nonnamaker, Sr. VP of Sales for Penray. “We  have been working to develop product solutions that are effective on a wide variety of substances and surfaces, while also being non-abrasive.”

“The TOUGH MAX family of cleaning products is a welcome addition to the various lines of chemicals and functional fluids we offer, most all of which are useful in automotive, heavy-duty, industrial, marine, and agricultural industries. The versatility and effectiveness of TOUGH MAX is sure to make it a winner in the marketplace.”

9000’s TOUGH MAX Purple Multi-Purpose Cleaners Product Page
9170 TOUGH MAX Multi-Purpose Degreasing Wipes Product Page


Visitors to the Penray exhibit at AAPEX 2013 will notice a new and expanded emphasis on supporting their retailing customers. As evidence of this new commitment, Penray will showcase recent additions to their Penray Plus™ line of chemicals and functional fluids for the retail market. AAPEX 2013 will be held in Las Vegas November 5 – 7.

 “We all know that, in tough economic times, motorists are more inclined to perform maintenance on their vehicles in order to save money,” explains Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray. “We want our retailers and distributors to have the right products at the right time to meet the needs of the marketplace.”

To that end, in just the last several months, Penray has introduced a number of new products designed to meet the needs of DIYers.

Penray Plus Liquid Tune-Up® is an integrated package containing three specially-blended, chemicals, and designed as a three-step process to fortify the key fluids in today’s vehicles – the fuel, the lubricating oil, and the engine coolant. Optimizing the fuel, lubrication, and cooling systems will help extract the best performance and efficiency from your engine, while offering protection for vital systems that will impact service life and resale value.

 Also newly-released is Penray Plus professional-grade glass cleaner, formulated specifically to remove the debris and contaminants that find their way onto vehicle windshields and side and rear windows.  This product works far better on vehicle windows than ordinary household glass cleaners, and is ammonia-free, so it is safe for use on tinted windows and doesn’t have the annoying and pungent odor associated with household cleaners.

And, most recently, Penray has introduced Tire Fix Plus™, which features Leak Detective™, an exclusive feature invented at Penray.  Leak Detective is designed to leave an easily identified fluorescent mark at the location where it has sealed a leak. This makes it much easier for the technician to find the leak or leaks which are no longer hissing or blowing bubbles.

“Chemicals and functional fluids are among the automotive products most commonly used by DIYers,” explains Penray’s Kardon. “It’s our goal to provide our retailing customers with the broadest and most effective line of chemical products in the aftermarket. And we plan to continue to broaden this line with other products that will meet the growing need for chemical products for the retail market.“

Penray products will be on display at AAPEX 2013 in booth #3045.

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.


Penray, Inc. is a leading U.S. developer, manufacturer and marketer of chemical additives and treatment products for diesel fuels. Allied Oil & Tire Company, a highly respected distributor of petroleum products, provides storage/dispensing equipment and maintenance services. Allied Industrial Services, a division of Allied Oil  & Tire Co., provides fuel reclamation, tank cleaning services, fuel polishing and waste disposal.

Now these two innovative companies have linked up to offer a “one-stop shop” full range of testing, treatment, maintenance, and remediation services for diesel fuel storage tanks.

The switch to Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) and the associated fuel blends have brought a host of problems to fuel users and distributors. These include instability (black fuel/asphaltenes), filter plugging, equipment corrosion and cold weather operability problems. Add in contaminants such as water, dust/dirt particles and bacteria or other microbes, and you are guaranteed a high incidence of costly repairs and unscheduled downtime.

These problems are a serious concern for companies, municipalities and other entities with diesel storage tanks, whether for back-up power systems or fuel for vehicles. Facilities that are affected include truck fleets, construction equipment depots, marinas, farms, and heavy equipment service locations. In addition, institutions that store diesel fuel for auxiliary generators, such as hospitals and governmental buildings, also experience these problems.

Penray offers a comphrensive program of testing fuel in storage tanks through their highly-respected Fuel Doctor program, in which specially-trained inspectors perform fuel sampling and provide recommendations for chemical treatment as needed. Allied Industrial Services provides a wide range of products and services to industrial customers, specializing in storage tank cleaning, reclamation and fuel polishing.

Penray and Allied have now joined forces to provide extensive testing and treatment services to companies and organizations that store large quantities of diesel fuel. This comprehensive new program has been designed to test and treat conventional diesel fuels as well as bio-fuels and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuels.

In this new partnership, Penray’s Fuel Doctors will provide regular testing of the diesel fuel in storage tanks. This testing can reveal the presence of contaminants such as water, rust, dirt, or bacteria. Penray’s Fuel Doctors can recommend treatment with various Penray products that target and treat specific problems.

When water or other contaminants are found, Penray’s Fuel Doctors will recommend the intervention of specialists from Allied, who will provide services such as “fuel polishing,” which separates out any water and passes the fuel through very fine media filters to remove microscopic particles. They may even recommend draining and entry into the storage tank for corrective action. Allied technicians have earned confined space certification, so they are fully qualified to enter and repair fuel storage tanks as needed.  Allied will also exclusively use Penray treatment chemicals in their tank cleaning processes.

Notes Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray, “This exciting new collaborative effort between Penray and Allied will provide a turn-key solution for those organizations storing diesel fuel. As we have done for many years, we provide regular programs of testing and analyzing diesel fuel supplies and recommending corrective treatment to maintain the quality of these fuel supplies. Now that we have teamed up with Allied, we are able to add even more value for our customers by being able to be a one stop shop with our highly-qualified and reliable service partner Allied when more intensive corrective actions are required.”

Information on this program: Fuel Doctor Program
Information on Allied Oil & Tire Company can be found at


Penray, Inc.and Talbros Gardx Performance Products Ltd. have announced an exciting new partnership that will see Penray’s chemical additives, functional fluids and car care products marketed throughout India using the Talbros sales, marketing and distribution expertise.

“Talbros will provide intimate knowledge of local markets, buying patterns, and social customs along with distribution, sales and marketing expertise to our well established customer base and beyond,” stated Karan Talwar, Director, BNT Talbros Group. “Penray will support the partnership with products, technical training materials, promotional materials, marketing programs, and sales support. Penray and Talbros will also work together in producing a market-specific web site promoting these products.”

“This new partnership offers the region the best of all possible worlds,” explains Dave Sholtis, CEO for Penray. “It provides extensive new distribution for our products in a region that can benefit from the features our products provide, and it provides Talbros with extensive new product lines that will build the value proposition they offer to their customers.” Continues Penray’s Sholtis, “With Talbros’ distribution and marketing established, they are well-positioned to market Penray’s products where they will improve vehicle serviceability.”

Penray has a 66-year history of developing, manufacturing and marketing products targeted at professional mechanics and workshops that service light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, many Penray products are suitable for use in servicing motorcycles and motor bikes.

The partnership with Penray will provide Talbros with an extensive line of chemical products needed to service the millions of gasoline- and diesel-powered cars, trucks, and motorcycles in India. Included in the line will be car care products, cleaners, functional fluids, professional installer kits and service chemicals. Professional installers will benefit from the high quality products that will enhance shop productivity, improve vehicle performance, gain customer satisfaction and help workshops to grow their business.

 Talbros GardX is a joint venture between the BNT Talbros Group and GardX UK. The BNT Talbros Group is well recognized in the landscape of the Indian automotive industry in both the OE as well as the aftermarket segment. This new arrangement will feature Penray’s products made in the U.S.A. and co-branded with the Talbros and Penray brand names, with market-specific packaging.

In the six decades since its establishment, Talbros has established a significant global presence, forging partnerships with technology leaders in a wide range of sectors in the automotive industry.

Information on the new arrangement can be found at or

Penray announces David Sholtis as new CEO, Howard Laga transitions to Senior Advisor to the Board.

Wheeling IL, May 7, 2012 – Penray announces David Sholtis as new CEO, Howard Laga transitions to Senior Advisor to the Board.

Penray announced today that Howard Laga will be transitioning from the CEO position to that of Senior Advisor to the Board. Howard will be succeeded by David Sholtis, previously leading Bosch’s Filtration business.

Penray’s majority owner (Source Capital LLC) represented by its two board members Thomas van der Meulen and Chad Riedel, want to thank Howard Laga for his many years of dedicated service with Penray, and especially for his leadership in the CEO role. Howard Laga successfully transitioned the Penray organization through an ownership change with Source Capital LLC, preparing the business for strong organic growth and growth through acquisitions. “Howard will stay on in an advisory capacity to assist Dave Sholtis with the CEO transition and will remain active as Senior Advisor, responsible for certain key customer accounts. We’ll continue to enjoy his company for quite a while”, said Thomas van der Meulen.

Succeeding Howard Laga is David Sholtis, who brings the Penray organization a wealth of heavy-duty and automotive after-market experience. David spent his last four years at Robert Bosch LLC as Vice President and Regional Business Unit Leader Filtration Americas responsible for executing the Purolator growth strategy, which he successfully accomplished under tough market conditions. Prior to Bosch, David worked at Honeywell for thirteen years in numerous leadership positions with his final position as Vice President of Autolite Products. Prior to Honeywell, David spent nine years at General Electric. “David Sholtis will bring Penray a wealth of background knowledge in sales and marketing, a strong customer focus, and a solid foundation in lean manufacturing and finance. We’re excited to have a well rounded leader like David Sholtis help us take Penray to the next level”, said Randy Fowler Vice President, Sales and Marketing.

“This is a very exciting time to be joining Penray as it embarks on its next phase of growth” said Sholtis. “I look forward to leading Penray as it grows with continued focus on meeting our customer’s needs and delivering great products.”

Penray Announces New Product Manager To The Penray Companies

Wheeling IL, December 5, 2012 – Wheeling-based Penray, a leading supplier of cooling system treatments, fuel treatments, and shop chemicals announces Gilbert Riley to the Penray Marketing team as their new Product Manager.

Riley comes to Penray with over 25 years’ experience in marketing and product management.  In his new role Riley will be involved with all aspects of Product Management, including bringing new innovative products to the marketplace.  Riley will be working closely with all divisions of Penray and the sales team to bring new products to further Penray’s offering to their customers.

Prior to joining Penray, Riley worked as Product Manager at Bosch Tool Corp., a manufacturer of power tools and accessories.  At Bosch, Riley lead strategic planning, direction and execution for an extensive portfolio of power tools.  Prior to Bosch, Riley had a Global Product Manager/Category Manager position at Ingersoll Rand Climate Solutions a manufacturer of HVAC-R equipment.

About Penray: Since 1950 Penray has been the provider of superior quality automotive products for the automotive professional. Penray has set the pace in cooling system treatments, fuel treatments, and shop chemicals that maximize performance and help extend vehicle life. Penray’s brands include Super-X®, Penray Performance®, Penray Pencool® Need-Release®, Cool-Tec®, Pow-R Performance®, Winter Pow-R® Plus, BioReady™ and Penray Plus™. Penray is a privately held company and is headquartered in Wheeling; Illinois.  For more information on Penray call 1-800-323-6329 or visit

Penray Announces New Regional Sales Manager To The PowerFleet Team

Wheeling IL, September 26, 2012 – Wheeling-based Penray, a leading supplier of cooling system treatments, fuel treatments, and shop chemicals announces Charles Carney to the PowerFleet sales team.

Carney comes to Penray with over 25 years’ experience in automotive and heavy duty industry.  In his new role Carney will be covering all distributor and fleets located in the northeast.

Prior to joining Penray, Carney worked as Division Manager at Pro-Tech, a manufacturer of automotive lubricants.  At Pro-Tech, Carney lead the lubricant line developing new selling tools, increase sales and profit and building account relationships.

Before ProTech Carney held managerial positions at Auto-Wax, a manufacturer of car care products and protective coasting and Wynn Oil Company, a manufacturer of automotive lubricants.

About Penray: 

Since 1950 Penray has been the provider of superior quality automotive products for automotive professionals.  Penray sets the pace in cooling system treatments, fuel treatments, and shop chemicals that maximize performance and help extend vehicle life.  Penray’s brands include: Super-X®, Penray Performance®, Penray Pencool®, Need-Release®, Cool-Tec®, Pow-R Performance®, Winter Pow-R® Plus, BioReady™ and Penray Plus™.  Penray is a privately held company and is headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois.  For more information on Penray call 1-800-323-6329 or visit


Wheeling, IL July 23, 2014 – The Penray Companies, Inc. was recently awarded approved supplier status for their full line of products for VIPAR Heavy Duty.

“With the average age of heavy-duty and light-duty trucks over 11 years, the need to maintain vehicles with high quality service chemicals is more important than ever,” said Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray. “Partnering with VIPAR Heavy Duty is a perfect fit for Penray. Our strong brand presence in the heavy-duty market fits very nicely with VIPAR Heavy Duty’s business model. Penray offers a broad variety of service chemicals, cooling system filters and cold weather products to support the VIPAR Heavy Duty distributor and their end-user customer.”

VIPAR Heavy Duty, headquartered in Crystal Lake, IL, is one of the largest independent heavy-duty truck parts distribution networks in North America.  VIPAR Heavy Duty’s footprint of over 500 locations is dedicated to supporting its distributors and their end-user customers with quality name brand parts and expert advice to help save time and keep their trucks running.

“The opportunity to be associated with such a strong market leader is an honor. Our sales and marketing team is preparing a program kick-off to introduce VIPAR to Penray. We are extremely excited to be an approved supplier to VIPAR,” said Bill Nonnamaker, Sr. Vice President Sales for Penray.

Founded in 1951, The Penray Companies, Inc., headquartered in Wheeling, IL, supports the heavy-duty and fleet industries with a comprehensive line of chemical additives and functional fluids for fuel, cooling systems, maintenance cold weather and shop chemicals. Penray also offers a full range of automotive products, including brake cleaners, fuel system cleaners and solvents. Details on Penray’s products for the heavy-duty market can be found at 

About VIPAR Heavy Duty  VIPAR Heavy Duty is North America’s leading network of independent aftermarket truck parts distributors. VIPAR Heavy Duty distributors serve the needs of their customers from over 500 locations across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. VIPAR Heavy Duty distributors are specialists who understand the demands of their local, regional, and national customers for quality parts and exceptional service. For more information, visit


New leadership team to build sales, excitement at Penray

Wheeling, IL October 23, 2013 – The Penray Companies, Inc. has announced the formation of a new management team that promises to grow sales of the company’s chemical additives and functional fluids with a new air of excitement and enthusiasm. The announcement was made by David Sholtis, Penray CEO.

Industry veteran William Nonnamaker has joined Penray as Senior Vice President of Sales. In this capacity Nonnamaker will be responsible for driving achievement of the company’s growth plan, ensuring the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction, and will also establish strategic direction for the sales function within the company’s automotive, heavy-duty, private label, and international sales efforts. Most recently in a sales management position at Wells Vehicle Electronics, Nonnamaker brings years of experience in the automotive industry that will enable him to expand Penray’s traditional and retail business as well as growing their industrial and heavy duty businesses.

Randy Fowler assumes the position of Vice President, Private Label, and will be responsible for enhanced focus and sales building of the company’s private-branded business.  Fowler has many years in the industry and is uniquely qualified to drive this very important segment for Penray.

Mark Kardon has joined Penray as Director of Marketing. In this role he will direct all of Penray’s marketing efforts regarding new products, product management, development of sales tools, and customer communication. Kardon joins Penray from AFX Lighting, Inc. and brings diverse talents in promoting both industrial and consumer products.

Steve Abrams has joined Penray as Director of Operations, with overall responsibility for manufacturing facilities, production, scheduling, shipping and materials sourcing. His background in manufacturing and process improvement, with a focus on lean, will help drive Penray’s on-going improvements in production capabilities and processes. Abrams comes to Penray from UOP LLC, a Honeywell company, and replaces the retiring Tom Chess. Chess is a 30-year veteran of Penray, having directed numerous facilities projects ensuring that Penray’s manufacturing and packaging plants have grown and adapted to meet the changing needs of the business.

In making the announcement, Penray CEO Sholtis noted that the new management team was well-positioned to build on the company’s 60-year history of growth and quality improvement. “Penray has a tremendous track record of sales growth and product innovation,” said Sholtis. “As a well-planned vertically-integrated company, we have built on product innovation and customer service to achieve sales success, both here and internationally. This new management team is poised to propel us to an even greater level of success.”

Adds Sholtis, “We’ve assembled a team that brings the best knowledge of the automotive and heavy-duty aftermarkets as well as fresh and innovative ideas from other industries. We’re confident that this blend of talent and creativity will help assure our next sixty years of growth and success.”

Penray’s products, made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.

Founded in 1954, Penray manufactures liquid and aerosol products in one of two plants in Illinois. Both facilities incorporate lean manufacturing techniques for optimal efficiency and quality control. The company has four separate business units – automotive, heavy-duty, export, and custom manufacturing for private label customers. Penray offers a variety of formulations so customers can enjoy Penray products that they know are compliant with all state and local environmental regulations.


AAPEX 2016 Award

2901 Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit AAPEX 2016 Award New Product Showcase

Nov. 1, 2016 – The Penray Companies, Inc. has won best new product in the chemicals, lubricants and filters category at AAPEX 2016 for it’s new 2901 Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit.

This is the first product of its kind available in the automotive aftermarket, and the only such product to receive EPA approval.

This new two-step chemical cleaning kit removes contaminants from the catalytic converter, restoring its ability to reduce harmful hydrocarbon emissions and eliminating the need for costly replacement. A key benefit is reducing emissions by as much as 50 percent, enabling vehicles to pass emission tests, and preventing fault code recurrence. The kit also includes Penray’s Total Fuel System Cleaner #2216, which removes deposits from fuel injectors and other critical fuel system components. This provides  improved performance and fuel economy while helping to prevent future contamination within the catalytic converter.

Catalytic converters typically contain beads or a honeycomb matrix coated with exotic materials like platinum or palladium. These metals cause a chemical reaction in the catalytic converter that burns off fuel residue in the exhaust stream before it can exit the tailpipe. The surfaces within the converter can become coated with various contaminants, resulting in incomplete combustion in the converter.

Penray’s chemists have developed exclusive blends that can remove these contaminants, exposing more of the catalyst to the exhaust stream and resulting in a reduction of hydrocarbon emissions by as much as 50 percent. Penray’s two-step process then cleanses contaminants from the fuel delivery system, preventing future contamination of the converter’s precious metals. In doing so, it helps prevent recurrence of the dreaded Check Engine light.

“Our chemists have created an ingenious blend that is able to remove carbon buildup from within catalytic converters, restoring their ability to reduce harmful emissions,” explains Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray. “Until now, the primary solution for contaminated or malfunctioning catalytic converters has been replacement, which is very expensive, costing upwards of $1,500.”

“However now there is an affordable solution in the form of our new Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit #2901, which restores converters to their original performance level. And the inclusion of our Total Fuel System Cleaner #2216 assures that the converter will remain contaminant-free for many thousands of miles.”

2901 Catalytic Converter Cleaning Kit


Powerful fungus and bacteria-killer ideal for diesel fuel storage at fuel wholesalers, trucking and construction companies, marinas, farms…

Wheeling, IL June 15, 2015 – The Penray Companies, Inc. is now offering its Fuel Prep™ Biocide for use in diesel fuel storage tanks. This product kills off microbial growth in diesel fuel, which is a problem when water accumulates in diesel fuel storage and transport tanks. It is important to address the growth of these contaminants before the fuel is pumped into trucks, construction equipment, boats, and other diesel-powered vehicles.

Fuel Prep Biocide groupThe Penray biocide is a fast-acting, single-dose biocide that stops 90% of microbial growth activity in as little as six hours. It is so effective you may only have to treat twice a year. By doing so, it can protect all components of the fuel storage system from the corrosion that microbial growth can cause. At the same time, it prevents the formation of microbial growth (bugs) that can plug fuel filters, interfering with fueling efficiency, and causing expensive downtime. Penray’s biocide is conveniently packaged in pints or gallons, to treat 1,250 or 10,000 gallons respectively.

Penray’s Fuel Prep Biocide is effective in all types of diesel fuels, including ULSD and the various blends of biofuels. This is particularly important during the warm summer months, when moisture and the micro-organisms (bugs) that naturally occur in water thrive and grow in fuel tanks. The bugs feed off the hydrocarbons in fuel, and can double their growth in population every 20 minutes. Ultimately, the bugs’ waste products produce sludge, acids and other harmful by-products. Over time these can turn into black, brown or green slime, which ultimately clogs vehicle fuel filters, fuel lines, injectors, and other fuel system components. This greatly affects vehicle performance and certainly adds to the expense and downtime associated with the resulting necessary repairs. So it’s far better to treat the fuel in bulk storage in order to prevent vehicular problems later.

Specific benefits of this product include:

> Elimination of system-clogging microbial growth.
> Reducing tank corrosion.
> Reducing slime and foul odors.
> Preventing premature hose/gasket wear or failure.
> Reducing downtime and saving repair costs.

Since vehicles may often re-fuel at various locations with unknown tank maintenance practices, Penray also offers diesel fuel additives for use in individual vehicle tanks. Penray recommends year-round fuel treatment for individual vehicles and twice-yearly fuel testing of storage tanks via the Penray Fuel Doctor Program. In addition, the company recently introduced POW-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Cleaner & Treatment, a year-round additive that cleans injectors to improve fuel economy, enhances lubricity to prevent wear, prevents corrosion protecting engine components, lifts cetane for improved starts, and reduces CFFP to prevent gelling in cold climates.

Explains Penray’s William Nonnamaker, Senior Vice President of Sales, “Penray has long been known for additives, supplements, and functional fluids for heavy duty diesel-powered vehicles. We work closely with fleet maintenance supervisors and other key players in monitoring needs and problems that develop with changes in the industry, including new fuel blends. We further help provide education to our customers on the need to test and treat fuel year-round. The new addition of the Fuel Prep Biocide to our existing fuel treatment line and Fuel Doctor Program is part of our on-going commitment to keeping heavy-duty vehicles moving and productive.”

For more information on Penray’s Fuel Prep Biocide and Fuel Doctor Program visit


New Premium synthetic formulation meets, exceeds specs for European cars

Penray Global P.S. Fluid Hands-onThe Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced its new Penray Performance Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid. This new formulation is blended specifically to meet the requirements of late-model European vehicles.

In recent years, European automakers including Audi, Volvo, and Mercedes-Benz, have specified a high-tech synthetic fluid for use in power steering systems. Penray chemists have developed a new blend, now being introduced as Penray Performance Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid, that meets or exceeds these OE standards. The new fluid is now available to independent auto repair shops through their regular distribution channels in the U.S.

Penray’s Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is engineered to maintain especially stable viscosity characteristics over a wide range of ambient and operating temperatures, with improved flow at low operating temperatures. It also features anti-wear agents to promote long life of internal power steering components, consistent with the extended fluid change intervals as specified by these automakers.

In addition to meeting and exceeding OE standards for these new-generation European power steering systems, Penray’s new Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is also suitable for use in hydraulic suspension systems, hydraulic shock absorbers, and traction control systems. This premium synthetic power steering fluid exceeds requirements and is suitable for use in all other vehicles. Honda fluid is recommended for Honda and Acura vehicles.

“We continually work to develop new chemical products as the need unfolds in service bays,” explains Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray. “As more and more of these vehicles come off of warranty and into independent repair shops, we want to be sure that service technicians have access to fluids that meet or exceed all OE requirements. Our new Global Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is just such a product.”

“This new power steering fluid is the perfect complement to our existing Penray Heavy Duty Power Steering Fluid, which continues to be an excellent choice when servicing domestic vehicles and other imports, both European and Asian, that do not require the special formulation found in our new product,” adds Cooper. “Both fluids feature special additives that help prevent foaming, corrosion, and oxidation, which can compromise the performance and durability of critical steering systems and components.”

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.


New Penray Plus service kit restores engine performance in three easy steps

Wheeling, IL June 2, 2013 – The Penray Companies, Inc. has introduced Penray Plus™ Liquid Tune-Up, an innovative package of proprietary chemicals designed to work in harmony to restore vehicle engines to optimal performance and efficiency which will help consumers to save money at the pump.

Penray Plus™ Liquid Tune-Up is an integrated package containing specially-blended, made-in-the USA chemicals, and designed as a three-step process to fortify the three key fluids in today’s vehicles – the fuel, the lubricating oil, and the engine coolant. Optimizing the fuel, lubrication, and cooling systems will help extract the best performance and efficiency from your engine, while offering protection for vital systems that will impact service life and resale value.

Step One:  Fuel Injector Cleaner

Added to the fuel, Penray Plus™ Fuel Injector Cleaner removes deposits and debris that can disrupt the precision fuel injector spray patterns that have been engineered into your car. Irregular spray patterns waste fuel and yield incomplete atomization that increases emissions while decreasing power and efficiency. Penray Plus™ Fuel Injector Cleaner washes away contaminants and lubricates the moving parts within the injectors for factory-fresh performance.

Step Two:  Oil Treatment

Many oil treatments on the market are little more than viscosity improvers – that is, they just make your oil thicker. This may slow oil leaks and oil consumption, but doesn’t offer any protection beyond that. Penray Plus™ Oil Treatment is a sophisticated blend of detergents, acid neutralizers, and protective coatings. Its advanced chemistry protects piston rings, engine bearings, camshafts, and other critical internal engine parts from wear and abrasion. It helps keep gaskets and seals soft and pliable to prevent leaks, and counteracts the effects of oxidation and corrosion with acid neutralizers, helping to extend engine life.

Step Three:  Cooling System Treatment

The cooling systems of today’s modern vehicles are using more light-weight high tech materials than ever before. The light-weight aluminum alloys that have replaced steel and iron are more susceptible to corrosion and require special chemical protection. As a result there are more new formulas and colors of coolant on the market than ever.

Penray Plus™ Cooling System Treatment contains a combination of technologies that works with your antifreeze on many levels. It fights corrosion and scale that can reduce heat transfer or even cause leaks. It restores and maintains proper pH levels, reducing acid build-up that can damage aluminum parts. And it provides special stabilizers to reduce the impact of mixing incompatible types and colors of antifreeze that might be added in an emergency top off or even during an oil change at your local quick lube.

Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray puts it this way: “Most people think it’s a good idea to go to the doctor’s office once a year for a physical exam, in which the doctor evaluates your body’s critical systems – pulmonary, circulatory, cognitive – and make adjustments in activity and medication to keep you in the peak of health for a longer and more enjoyable life. Your car, typically your second largest investment after your home, deserves similar care, on a similar annual schedule.”

Continues Penray’s Cooper, “Our engineers have developed and packaged together this trio of advanced chemical products that will help motorists extract the longest life and greatest fuel economy possible from their vehicle. Regular use of our Liquid Tune-Up will help motorists enjoy the most pleasure and economy from the vehicle that’s central to today’s busy lifestyles. This kit is fully compatible with gasoline, hybrid, and flex-fuel engine systems.”

Penray’s products, all made in the USA, include a broad array of service chemicals, functional fluids, fuel treatments, cooling system products including Need-Release® cooling system filters, and other service and maintenance chemicals available throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Penray products are distributed through automotive, heavy-duty, and industrial markets, as well as to international and private label customers.

New Penray 3-Step Liquid Tune-Up Kit

New Penray 3-Step Liquid Tune-Up Kit

Founded in 1954, Penray manufactures liquid and aerosol products in one of two plants in Illinois. Both facilities incorporate lean manufacturing techniques for optimal efficiency and quality control. The company has four separate business units – automotive, heavy-duty, export, and custom manufacturing for private label customers. Penray offers a variety of formulations so customers can enjoy Penray products that they know are compliant with all state and local environmental regulations. 

Penray Introduces New Product Size for Concentrated Windshield Washer Antifreeze

Wheeling IL, August 1st 2012 – The Penray Companies, Inc. makers of high quality automotive and heavy duty performance chemicals, are proud to announce the addition of 5032 Concentrated Windshield Washer Antifreeze in a 32 oz center fill bottle. In efforts to streamline our packaging, 5032 Concentrated Windshield Washer Antifreeze will replace 5016 Concentrated Windshield Washer Antifreeze in the 16 oz round cone top bottle. The case quantity per carton will change from 24 to 12 bottles. 5032 will be the same great concentrated formula that permits use of windshield washers at below 0ºF temperatures. Now consumers can custom dilute the convenient one quart bottle to make 1/2 gallon, 3/4 gallon or one whole gallon of washer fluid depending on temperatures and conditions. Product will appear in new packaging as part of a running change. We will also continue to offer Concentrated Windshield Washer Antifreeze in 5 and 55-gallon sizes.


Wheeling, IL September 29, 2015 – Penray, Inc. has introduced a new informational video that details the inner workings of heavy-duty diesel engine combustion. The video explains how the combustion process takes place in a diesel engine, what problems can develop in the fuel delivery system, and how to take steps to correct them.

This dynamic new video demonstrates how diesel fuel is injected into the cylinder, how the combustion process takes place, and how problems can develop, particularly with clogged fuel injectors. It also explains how Penray’s all season POW-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Cleaner & Treatment can correct these problems, allowing for improved performance and increased fuel economy, along with easier starting, even in cold weather conditions.

Mark Kardon, Director of Marketing for Penray, explains that POW-R 365 is a year-round additive designed to be an all-in-one solution to resolve multiple issues with today’s diesel fuels. “ULSD and bio-fuels, while well-intended, have brought with them unintended consequences,” notes Penray’s Kardon. “Our chemists have developed this advanced diesel fuel additive that is able to fight corrosion and deposits, while enhancing fuel flow and combustion characteristics for overall improved fuel economy. Our field research has shown that these are real-world issues confronting fleet maintenance supervisors, technicians, and owner-operators, and we’re pleased to offer this product as a solution for the problems posed by the fuel blends available today.”

“Further,” adds Kardon, “POW-R 365 is all season, so it provides cold weather protection to prevent fuel gelling as the weather changes. POW-R 365 also continues the Penray tradition of providing fuel additives packaged as ‘One Bottle, One Truck’ for the typical 250 gallon fill. This eliminates the need for calculating, measuring, and mixing that often is necessary to achieve the proper concentration of fuel additives.”

This new video is available on the Penray web site, at It can also be viewed on YouTube at, and on Facebook at

POW-R 365 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Additive is just one of the many products that Penray offers for heavy-duty vehicles. Information for all of Penray’s heavy-duty products can be found on the company’s website,

Penray Introduces Tom Regan as Production Supervisor

Wheeling, IL, March 27, 2012 – Penray announced today that Tom Regan has joined the company as Production Supervisor in the company’s Elk Grove Village, IL plant. Regan will oversee the daily operations and plant personnel necessary for production in Penray’s liquid manufacturing facility. He will report directly to Tony Mengarelli, Plant Manager.


Regan joins Penray with over 35 years of manufacturing experience in the aerosol and liquid packaging industries. Tom’s most recent position was as a supervisor in the filling department at Hydrosol, Inc., now known as Chicago Aerosol. Although most of his experience is with Chicago Aerosol, Tom also held various positions at American Can and Sears. “We are very proud to have Tom on our team and look for his experience to help bolster our totally integrated production facility”, said Tony Mengarelli Plant Manager.


7015 Connector Seal jpg

Wheeling, IL, January 16, 2018 – Electrical connectors must often perform their duties in hostile environments. Such harsh conditions are common when hitching a vehicle to a trailer such as a boat trailer or camper, and are especially common in the trucking industry, where connections are made between tractors and trailers, or in other trucking configurations. Other areas where electrical connections are subjected to water and road debris include RVs, ATVs, other off-road vehicles, and construction vehicles and equipment.

The biggest enemies of electrical connections are water and corrosive chemicals. That’s why Penray has introduced their innovative aerosol Connector Seal 7015. The product is designed to spray onto assembled electrical connectors and form a flexible yet durable protective seal that keeps out water, road salt, and other debris, while protecting the electrical connectors within. It is weather-proof and offers a quick set-up to dry time Think of it as “plastic wrap in a can.”

Penray Connector Seal is a crystal clear coating that effectively seals all kinds of electrical connections. It conforms to any shape or size connection and, being clear, does not obstruct the ability to view the color-coding of electrical wires. It is also useful for sealing taillights and marker lights on boats and boat trailers. It is fully compatible with all common wiring, connectors, and other electrical components, and is easily removed if connectors need to be replaced.This is not paint, and is not intended for use on body panels; rather it is specifically formulated to insulate and protect electrical connections, keeping contaminants out and electrical connections dry.

Penray chemists in the U.S. carefully crafted this formula to resist temperatures and environments up to 250 degrees F, so the product will withstand the heat generated by electrical connections with high current draw. Apply to a clean, dry surface and in just seconds it forms a clear protective film of approximately 0.005-0.010″ — thick enough to afford excellent protection against the elements, yet thin enough to be disassembled and removed easily.

Bill Nonnamaker, Sr. VP Sales & Marketing for Penray, explains the characteristics and benefits of this exciting new product. ”It is all too common to see trailers, RVs, and even medium- and large-size trucks with headlights or running lights not illuminated. Faulty electrical connections are usually to blame.”

Adds the Penray spokesman, “Technicians often use dielectric grease to help protect such connections, but that product is only helpful in the immediate vicinity of the metal connectors. Our innovative new Connector Seal completely encapsulates the entire connector assembly, so that no moisture or debris can enter. So it can be used as a supplement to, or in lieu of, dielectric grease.”

Specific benefits include ease of use, complete encapsulization, crystal clear appearance, durability, and ease of removal. Penray Connector Seal is fast-drying, 50-state compliant, and available in 10-ounce aerosol cans.

Penray 7015 Connector Seal Product Page


Newly-introduced Fuel Prep™ Biocide now available!

The Penray Companies, Inc. has announced it’s “Fuel Doctor” program designed to support and assist fleets, distributors, and other facilities that store large quantities of diesel fuel. Concurrently, the company has also introduced a new highly effective diesel fuel system biocide that eliminates microbial activity in diesel fuel systems.

Penray’s “Fuel Doctors” are specially trained field representatives who have learned the intricacies of diesel fuel sampling, analysis and treatment. Penray recommends a twice-yearly spring and fall testing of diesel fuel in storage tanks, conducted by one of their trained Fuel Doctors. An initial field sampling test can reveal the presence of water, sulfurous odor, slime and, in cold weather, gelling. The sample is then sent to authorized labs for detailed chemical analysis. The Fuel Doctor then schedules a consultation with the customer to discuss the results of the analysis and recommended remediation steps. This service provided by Penray ensures that the fuel storage system is operating in optimal health year-round.

Bacon Bomb 1Problems with diesel fuel in storage are common, and are compounded by today’s offerings of ULSD and bio-fuels. Without proper testing and maintenance, untreated fuels can experience diesel degradation and cause tank corrosion, oxidation, sludge formation, and sediment. And, increasingly common is microbial growth within the fuels, particularly with bio-fuels. Left untreated, these diesel fuel problems can cause a multitude of problems for the storage facility, including clogged filters, clean-out costs and, in extreme cases, corrosion sufficient to cause tanks to leak, resulting in expensive repairs and costly environmental remediation.

Furthermore, such problems are contagious and, left untreated, can infect, and affect, the vehicles that are fueled from these sources. Penray’s new Fuel Doctor program includes follow-up testing to validate remediation actions, and on-going treatment and testing to assure continued quality control.

Long a leader in the formulation and manufacturing of fuel additives and cooling system treatments for the heavy-duty market, Penray has chosen the occasion of the introduction of its new Fuel Doctor program to announce a brand new product, Penray Fuel Prep™ Biocide.

Fuel Prep Biocide groupThis new product quickly and effectively eliminates the micro-organisms that grow in the presence of water. New systems and processes, like vapor recovery systems and the blending of ULSD fuels, introduce water into the fuel, as does condensation from changes in ambient temperatures. The water separates from the fuel, promoting the growth of bacteria and fungus in diesel fuel. Penray Fuel Prep Biocide has been formulated to kill 90 percent of such contaminants within 8 hours of treatment.

Explains Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for the company, “Penray is known as a technology leader in heavy duty cooling system solutions. Our high quality product line has expanded over the years to include a comprehensive fuel additive line. While we are best known for fuel additives designed to treat a truck with our ’One Bottle, One Truck’ approach, we also offer bulk treatments for large storage tanks.”

“Now with our new Fuel Doctor program,” notes Cooper, “we’re expanding our focus on bulk fuel system treatments with our powerful new Fuel Prep Biocide, which is highly concentrated for convenience. Just one pint treats 1,250 gallons, and a gallon treats 10,000 gallons of fuel – ideal for bulk storage. So it is very economical, and just one of the tools our Fuel Doctors can use to help our customers deal with fuel storage problems.”

For an appointment with a Fuel Doctor, fleets and other customers can contact their Penray sales representative at 800.323.6329 x5000.

Fuel Prep Biocide
Penray Fuel Doctor Program


Wheeling, Il December 22, 2015 – 2016 will prove to be an exciting year for Penray Inc. as it celebrates its 65th anniversary. Founded in 1951, the company will engage in a year-long program of activities marking the milestone of 65 years of helping customers solve problems and increase their profits with innovative chemistry and technology focused on transportation, marine and industrial markets.

During the last six and a half decades Penray has grown to be a leading supplier of aerosol and liquid products, with particular strength and success in the automotive and heavy-duty arenas, with a vast array of additives, supplements, cleaners, protectants, and other fluids.



Penray is truly an American success story. From modest beginnings in 1951, the privately-held company has grown to be an industry leader with two manufacturing facilities in Illinois. Of particular interest is the fact that Penray products are developed, blended, tested, manufactured, and packaged in these two U.S. facilities. Sales and marketing, working with staff chemists, develop creative solutions to solve complex issues found by today’s technicians.

Randy Fowler, Vice President of Automotive and Private Brand Sales, is a Penray employee with many years of experience with the company. “I have seen tremendous change in our organization over the years. Continuous investments in plant modernization, our focus on new products and emphasis on customer service have really shaped and helped the company evolve. We have improved our infrastructure, making us a better company for our customers.”

For example, new products undergo extensive testing, both in the labs and also in real-world conditions. Only when they have shown excellent performance, durability, and compatibility characteristics are they released for production.

Penray’s growth and success are the result of continuous product innovation and the commitment to customer service. To best satisfy the needs of their customers, the company has evolved into four business units– automotive, heavy-duty, export, and custom manufacturing for private label customers.

“Penray’s growth and success are the result of a variety of factors,” explains David Sholtis, CEO for Penray. “First and foremost is our company’s commitment to developing and marketing innovative products that work. Our extensive R&D and testing confirm that our products provide the benefits they’re designed for. Customer acceptance and repeat purchases confirm this fact.”

“Furthermore,” continues Sholtis, “Our company has always benefited from forward-thinking management and technical experts who consistently monitor the various markets we serve, analyzing trends and identifying needs just as soon as they develop. A good example is the family of additives and supplements we offer for the heavy-duty market. The need for these products has evolved with the advent of Ultra-Low-Sulfur-Diesel (ULSD) and bio-fuels, which bring a variety of unintended consequences. Our team identified these issues early on and immediately embarked on a development program to address the issues associated with these new fuel blends.”

“We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our dedicated customers for their support over the years. Today we are a better company and continue to improve based on their on-going feedback. Many of our products and improvements are the result of our customers’ suggestions and ideas. Working together we help each other and continue our long-lasting relationships.”

“After 65 years, we’re just getting started,” concludes Sholtis. “We expect continued growth and success over the next 65 years and beyond.”


The Penray Companies, Inc. has presented their first-ever Rep Agency of the Year Award to The Reese Company of Loves Park, IL. The award was presented for The Reese Company’s exceptional service and success in marketing Penray’s PowerFleet products for heavy-duty and fleet markets throughout 2013.

The Reese Company was chosen from among the various rep agencies that complement Penray’s in-house sales staff.  Reese associates provide sales representation for Penray in the upper Midwest, throughout Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.

The Rep Agency of the Year Award was presented for Reese’s sales performance with Penray’s PowerFleet Division, which includes products such as cold weather and year-round fuel system additives and cooling system solutions. Reese also provided representation for the Penray Performance line of liquids, aerosols and functional fluids that can be used in heavy duty vehicle maintenance and shop settings.

Reese was selected for this award based on a variety of criteria, including percent increase in sales over prior years, dollar increase in sales, number of new accounts signed up, feedback from customers, and other factors.

Penray’s management presented the Rep Agency of the Year Award to Reese President, Jon Reese at Penray’s recent annual sales meeting. The Reese Company was specifically noted for their creativity and innovation shown by staff in building sales and brand recognition for Penray and its PowerFleet products.

“Jon Reese and his associates Brad Hesse and Chad Mecl left no stone unturned in their relentless pursuit of new business,” said William Nonnamaker, Penray Senior Vice President of Sales. “They were constantly thinking outside the box, developing and implementing new programs and incentives that resulted in substantial business growth throughout 2013.  Their innovative sales tools included trailer-load deals, spiff programs, and other incentive programs tailored to the needs of individual customers and prospects.”

“Furthermore,” added Nonnamaker, “Jon and his associates made exceptional use of the many training programs and tools Penray offers, including hands-on training for Reese’s associates at Penray headquarters. But, more importantly, they took this training out into the field and conducted training for their customers in person at customer locations, as well as via webinars. And all of this was complemented by telephone support whenever needed.”

In accepting the award, Jon Reese noted that their sales success was a two-way street. “I’m very proud of my associates for the sales success with Penray’s PowerFleet products that earned us this important award,” he said. “But those results would not have been possible without a high-quality product line to sell, and the support from all of the folks at Penray. Their sales management team enthusiastically supported our new ideas, and their training personnel provided backup and thorough and easy-to-understand answers when technical questions arose. It’s definitely a shared success.”

Added Reese, “Our success with Penray was enhanced in no small part by the fact that Penray’s products, including their PowerFleet products, are developed, blended, and packaged in the U.S. This is an important feature here in the upper Midwest, and certainly throughout the rest of the country as well.”

“Our work with The Reese Company has been mutually beneficial,” concluded Penray’s Nonnamaker. “And we look forward to a lasting relationship as we develop additional new products for the fleet and heavy-duty markets.”

Pictured Left to Right: William Nonnamaker, Penray Senior Vice President of Sales,  Brad Hesse, Reese Associate, Jon Reese, Reese Co. President, Dave Sholtis, Penray CEO, Jason Hall, Penray Regional Sales Manager; PowerFleet

Pictured Left to Right: William Nonnamaker, Penray Senior Vice President of Sales, Brad Hesse, Reese Associate, Jon Reese, Reese Co. President, Dave Sholtis, Penray CEO, Jason Hall, Penray Regional Sales Manager; PowerFleet


Penray Welcomes Laura Gallardo To Customer Service

Penray welcomes a new addition to the Penray Customer Service team, Laura Gallardo, as Customer Service Specialist. Laura comes to Penray with several years of experience servicing customers in various industries from the banking sector to manufacturing. Her most recent position was at Glazer Kennedy Insider’s Circle as a Service Representative and Marketing Assistant. “We are excited to have Laura join the Penray team!” said Ana Morgan, Director – Human Resources.

Penray welcomes Laura Gallardo to Customer Service Team

Penray welcomes Laura Gallardo to Customer Service Team

Penray Welcomes Michael Romano To Sales Team

Michael Romano Michael comes to Penray as a sales professional with over twenty-eight years in the class 8 vehicle industry. While working for Detroit Diesel in Canton, Ohio, he was recruited to be Western Region Parts Manager.  He also held the District Parts Manager position for International Truck & Engine for fifteen years. “Penray will greatly benefit from Michael’s experience and knowledge in the heavy duty industry”, said Joe Long, Director of Sales – PowerFleet.


Fuel system contamination is a year-round problem for diesel-powered vehicles, especially in commercial vehicles where down time can be expensive and can even lead to loss of customers. Of special concern in recent years is the presence of black tar-like material in diesel fuel, commonly referred to as asphaltenes. This material can quickly clog fuel filters, fuel injectors, and other critical diesel fuel system components.

Fortunately there’s a solution in Penray’s Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner. This product is especially helpful in dissolving and preventing the formation of asphaltenes in diesel fuel, while cleaning other deposits and contaminants from the fuel system.

The presence of water and sludge in diesel fuel can contribute to the formation of tar-like asphaltenes. This substance can develop with many current fuel formulations, particularly so with Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) and bio-fuels which can lack the aromatic solvents that were previously part of diesel fuel blends. And the growth of asphaltenes is exacerbated by newer, hotter-running engines, and operation in warmer climate conditions.

The chemists at Penray have developed a proprietary diesel fuel system cleaner that dissolves and disperses asphaltenes and other diesel fuel contaminants. Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner attacks asphaltenes, dissolving them and removing them from fuel tanks, fuel filters, fuel injectors, and lines, and preventing their recurrence.

Benefits of this innovative Penray product include greatly extended fuel filter life, as well as that of injectors and other precision fuel system components. As such, maintenance costs are reduced, and fuel economy is increased.

Asphaltenes can be seen in fuel tanks as a black, tar-like substance, and can be especially apparent in vehicles using fuel filters with clear, see-through housings. Initial dosage of Penray Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is full strength, which should be maintained until fuel filters are clear. After that, maintenance dosage is half strength. This continued use of the Penray product will prevent future build-up of asphaltenes.

In addition to fighting asphaltenes, this Penray product also serves, as its name implies, as a Total fuel system cleaner, with solvents and detergents that dissolve deposits and loosen debris so it can be captured by the fuel filter before it can reach the precision inner workings of fuel injectors and other fuel system components.

“Asphaltenes are a recent phenomenon and have appeared since the introduction of ULSD and bio-fuels. A task-specific product like our Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner is needed to break down asphaltenes and prevent their recurrence,” explains Steve Muth, Chief Chemist for Penray. “Once the problem was identified, we got right to work on the cause and composition of this damaging material, and developed a product that would both combat and prevent it.”

“Fleet maintenance personnel and owner-operators will find this Penray fuel system cleaner to be an efficient, and very cost-effective, means of combating this new phenomenon, while keeping the entire fuel system free of other contaminants and deposits. As a result, maintenance and fuel expenses will be reduced, and productivity enhanced,” concludes Penray’s William Nonnamaker, Senior Vice President of Sales.


With the approach of spring, fleet maintenance managers, owner-operators, and others responsible for medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment are faced with a dilemma: should they treat their diesel fuel for cold weather or warm weather, knowing that their vehicles may encounter either or both in the coming weeks and months. Fortunately Penray has a solution in their recently introduced

Pow-R 365™ 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment.

207064 POW-R 365 Diesel Cleaner & Treatment jpg

This exclusive blend of additives, supplements, and conditioners was ingeniously developed to address the challenges that can compromise diesel fuels and the vehicles and equipment they power in every kind of climate. It has been blended and packaged in keeping with the simplicity of dosage that Penray has adopted — One Bottle, One Truck.

As its name implies, Pow-R 365 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Treatment enhances diesel fuel with five distinct features:

  1. Penray Pow-R 365, increases cetane rating by a full number, making for improved combustion and power, with lower emissions.
  1. Helps increase fuel economy by cleaning injectors, which in turn reduces overall operating costs. Pow-R 365 uses a highly concentrated and effective state of the art cleaner designed to work with today’s tighter fuel injector tolerances and clean up issues caused by poor quality fuel and additives.
  1. Provides corrosion protection throughout the entire fuel system. This is a particularly critical function since water and other contaminants can find their way into diesel fuel through condensation in changing weather conditions, from the blending of ULSD, and even from vapor recovery systems. Resulting corrosion can clog fuel systems, deteriorate components, and impede the proper performance of fuel injectors.
  1. Safely adds lubricity to the fuel, helping to extend the life of fuel pumps, fuel injectors, and other friction points within the fuel system.
  1. Prevents gelling of the fuel, an on-going issue, especially in unexpected inclement weather which can occur in any area. Pow-R 365 prevents gelling at temperatures as low as

-10 degrees F, and reduces the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP) by as much as 20 degrees F.

In addition to these performance enhancements, Penray’s Pow-R 365 promotes more complete combustion, a highly desirable feature since doing so reduces regenerations of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) found in today’s heavy-duty vehicles. It is packaged in bottles of 64 fluid ounces, which is the appropriate dosage for the typical 250-gallon fill, making its use simple and effective.

Sarah Cooper, Product Manager for Penray says, “Pow-R 365 is a great addition to our line-up encompassing the five most important fuel additive functions in a single product. Treating with this year round product ensures your system is ready for all unexpected conditions from inclement weather to poor quality fuel.”

Adds Steve Muth, Chief Chemist, “The ULSD and bio-fuels that are now common in the industry bring with them issues that can compromise the effectiveness and efficiency of the sophisticated diesel engines in use today, with precision-designed fuel injectors and engine management systems. Water, corrosion, and other contaminants can interfere with the proper operation of these precision systems, which are also dependent upon maximum cetane fuel in order to operate at optimal efficiency. This product will help extract the maximum power, efficiency, and emissions control that are designed into these engines.”

Pow-R 365 5 in 1 Diesel Fuel Additive is just one of the many chemical products that Penray offers for heavy-duty vehicles, including Class 6, 7, and 8 over-the-highway trucks, mobile off-highway vehicles, agricultural equipment, and marine applications. Information for all of Penray’s heavy-duty and automotive products can be found on the company’s web site,


For the second straight year, The Reese Company has been named Rep Agency of the Year by The Penray Companies, Inc. The award was presented to Jon Reese and Brad Hesse by William Nonnamaker and Dave Sholtis at Penray’s annual employee meeting, held recently in Elk Grove Village, IL. First established last year, Penray’s Rep Agency of the Year award was created to recognize exceptional sales and service performance by the various sales agencies that represent Penray’s lines of automotive and heavy-duty chemicals and functional fluids.

Penray uses a combination of full-time sales staff and rep agencies to service their variety of automotive and heavy-duty products. The Reese Company of Loves Park, IL represents Penray’s PowerFleet products for heavy-duty, fleet, and agricultural applications throughout the upper mid-west, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North and South Dakota.

Especially cold weather across the country in 2014 brought many opportunities for diesel fuel anti-gel protection as well as other protective and supplemental fluids like cooling system additives. The Reese Company took advantage of these seasonal sales opportunities and achieved notable sales increases, and also took advantage of sales opportunities presented by warm-weather fuel issues associated with ULSD and bio-fuels. Penray offers additives and supplements specifically -blended to address these issues, protecting engine systems from damage as well as enhancing engine performance, fuel economy, and emissions control.

Penray has developed a matrix for evaluating rep agencies’ performance, which includes percent increase in sales over the prior year, dollar increase in sales, number of new accounts, feedback from customers, and other criteria.

Pictured L-R: William Nonnamaker, Penray Sr. VP of Sales, Jason Hall, Power Fleet Regional Sales Manager,  Brad Hesse, Reese Group, Jon Reese, Reese Group, Dave Sholtis, Penray CEO

Pictured L-R: William Nonnamaker, Penray Sr. VP of Sales, Jason Hall, Power Fleet Regional Sales Manager, Brad Hesse, Reese Group, Jon Reese, Reese Group, Dave Sholtis, Penray CEO

In presenting the award, Nonnamaker, senior vice president of sales for Penray, noted the innovative training and sales incentive programs implemented by Reese.

“The Reese Company has, for the last two years, shown great creativity in developing bulk purchase incentives, spiff programs, and other sales incentive activities that were clearly successful in generating increased sales,” he said. “They were especially effective in the heavy duty, fleet, and agricultural markets, promoting our PowerFleet products to customers who realized measurable benefits from their investment in our products. It’s especially gratifying to know that we’re not only realizing increased sales in these markets, but also in knowing that we’re doing our part in enhancing fuel economy, improving driveability, minimizing down time, all the while doing our part to promote better air quality.”

“Furthermore,” adds Nonnamaker, “Reese’s people have done an exceptionally good job of taking our training materials into the field, knowing that an educated customer is the best customer.”

In accepting the award, Jon Reese acknowledged the support of Reese’s Brad Hesse and Chad Mecl, without whose hard work and innovative spirit these improvements would not have been possible. “Brad and Chad have worked tirelessly in reaching out to customers and prospects and determining specific needs for the optimal operation of their vehicles,” said Reese. “ We enjoy representing Penray and appreciate the support we get from everyone on the Penray team.  Penray gives us the opportunity to sell excellent products that do what they say they’ll do, and offer great value.  We are confident in selling Penray products to dealers, fleets, repair shops, and others in our territories.  We’re able to pass this confidence on to our customer’s sales personnel through training, promotion, and fieldwork.  We appreciate that Penray develops new products to meet the needs of our industry, and continue to have high expectations in selling Penray products.”

Summarizing the achievements that earned Reese this prestigious award, Nonnamaker said,   “Jon and his team’s ability to manage customer relationships and provide excellent account management support and help drive sales make him and his organization quite worthy of this award.”


Penray, Inc. has been selected by The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance (The Alliance) to be the exclusive supplier of their Parts Master and Perfect Stop private label aerosol service chemicals. In addition, Alliance members will have the opportunity to purchase the full line of Penray-branded products.

Under this new partnership, Penray will supply over thirty separate part numbers under the Parts Master and Perfect Stop brand names. These will include a host of products such as brake parts cleaner, carburetor and choke cleaner, and other aerosol service chemicals . At the same time, Penray has been named an authorized supplier of Penray-branded products for their entire line of nearly a hundred different chemicals, treatments, cleaners, and additives.

All of these Parts Master, Perfect Stop, and Penray products will be available throughout the entire Alliance distribution network, which includes Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper warehouses and auto parts stores throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

The new private label products will feature fresh and exciting new packaging, and will be supported with targeted promotions. Penray will also provide training, marketing and merchandising support for parts and service professionals.

“This important new business will greatly increase the availability of our various chemical products to automotive service professionals and DIYers alike,” notes Randy Fowler, Vice President – Automotive and Private Brand Sales for Penray. “Customers can choose with confidence either the Parts Master, Perfect Stop, or Penray branded product, knowing that these products will enhance their productivity and efficiency. These products are developed, blended, and manufactured in the U.S., under strict quality control standards, as they have been for more than six decades. There’s no doubt that our reputation for quality helped the members of The Alliance make this important decision.”

Adds Dan Rader, Vice President of Product and Category Management for The Alliance, “The decision to choose Penray to provide private label and branded product was the result of extensive research and analysis, and was not made lightly. The value of our Parts Master and Perfect Stop private label products is an essential part of our posture in the aftermarket, and we only trust that label to products of the highest quality.”

Adds Justin Hebert, Category Manager Under Hood, “We researched many manufacturers before making this decision, and we are confident that we have selected in Penray the supplier that is most able to supply us with top-quality products at competitive prices, along with the marketing, merchandising, and technical support needed to meet the needs at all levels of our distribution network, which includes more than 2,200 auto parts stores and over 3,000 certified service centers throughout North America.”

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance is comprised of over 50 independent shareholders who offer a wide array of quality auto products through Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper warehouses, parts stores, and certified service centers across the US, Canada, and Mexico, and even into Europe with over 1.9 million parts and accessories.

More information about Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance and products can be found at