14.001 Vacuum Port Selection for Intake Valve Deposit Cleaning

Part Numbers:

2312 Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner
2102 2-Step Fuel Injection and Induction Clean-Up Kit
2103 3-Step Fuel Injection and Induction Clean-Up Kit Plus Oil Conditioner
2503 3-Step Premium Fuel Injector Clean-Up Kit
8101 3-Step Fuel Injection and Air Intake Cleaner Kit

Service Recommendation:

Penray recommends careful selection of the vacuum source when performing an intake valve deposit cleaning procedure. It is important to locate and use the vacuum source closest to the throttle body to ensure proper distribution of the cleaning agent throughout the entire intake manifold and to all cylinder’s equally.

Using the incorrect vacuum source can cause all of the cleaning agent to flow into just one bank of intake runners or even just one cylinder. Uneven flow will cause incomplete cleaning and can lead to possible engine damage due to hydro-lock or an overheated catalytic converter leading to premature failure.

In the example illustrated below, choosing the wrong vacuum source would only clean the rear cylinder bank of this transverse mounted V-6. Using the correct vacuum source distributes the Intake Valve Cleaner to the entire intake manifold ensuring all intake valves and cylinders are properly cleaned.

Technical Bulletin 14.001 1