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Winter Pow-R® Plus for BioDiesel Diesel Fuel Treatment

202632 Winter Pow-R Plus BioDiesel Treatment jpg

Ready for use in BioDiesel. ULSD compliant. Prevents gelling of diesel fuel. Prevents ice crystal formation. Reduces cold filter plug point b as much as 30ºF. Helps enhance cetane. Helps improve fuel economy. Utilizes HAFI® technology. Improves cold weather starting. Stabilizes and prevents corrosion. Helps reduce emissions. Helps improve lubricity.

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Tech Bulletin:

Part # Quantity Net Contents Container Type Treat Rate
202612 12 / Case 12 fl. oz. Bottle 12 oz. treats 50 gallons
202632 12 / Case 32 fl. oz Bottle 32 oz. treats 250 gallons
202605 1 5 Gallons Pail 5 gallons treats 7,500 gallons
202655 1 55 Gallons  Drum 55 gallons treats 82,500 gallons

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