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Tire Fix Plus™ Emergency Tire Inflator – with Hose

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Tire Fix Plus™ Emergency Tire Inflator’s non-flammable formula featuring Penray Plus™ Leak Detective™ is a safe and easy way to repair flat tires in a hurry!
• Non-Flammable formula
• Corrosion inhibitor protects wheels and tire sensors
• Instantly seals and inflates
• Special Leak Detective™ for quick repair
• Easy water clean up
• Superior foaming, fills in leaks
• No jack or tools required
• Safe method to temporarily repair a tire
• Reduces the hazards of roadside tire changing
• Works on any passenger car, truck, boat, and trailer
• Three convenient sizes for small, medium or large tires
• 80860, 80865 and 80862 feature a flexible hose with a screw valve for ease of use while on the side of the road
• Cap system provides a convenient user friendly storage system for the inflator hose, and prevents the hose from being cut or crimped while in storage and preventing accidental discharge.

 Available at Amazon.com, Meijer, CVS and other distributors throughout the US
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Tech Bulletin:


Part # Quantity Net Contents Container Type
80860 6 / Case 12 oz. Aerosol Can – hose applicator
80865 6 / Case 16 oz. Aerosol Can – hose applicator
80862 6 / Case 22 oz. Aerosol Can – hose applicator