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Penray POW-R 365® 5 IN 1 DIESEL CLEANER & TREATMENT is an ALL SEASON diesel fuel additive formulated to deliver power, protection, and savings all year long! With Penray’s One Bottle, One Truck philosophy, you’ll never need to use more than one bottle to get maximum results.

1. Clean injectors to improve fuel economy
2. Enhance lubricity to prevent excessive wear
3. Prevent corrosion to protect engine components
4. Lift Cetane 1 number to increase fuel quality and improve starting in cold weather
5. Provide up to 20 degree reduction in CFPP to prevent gelling*
6. ULSD compliant & Biodiesel compatible


• One bottle treats 250 gallons
• ULSD compliant & Biodiesel compatible

POW-R 365 Money Back Guarantee Registration Card



  POW-R 365 is available at: Allied Oil & Tire Company, MHC Kenworth,
Wheel Companies, Navistar, Rush truck Centers, TruckPro and other distributors in your area, as well as online at

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Part # Quantity Net Contents Container Type Treat Rate
207064 6/Case 64 Fl. Oz. Bottle 250 Gallons

* For temperatures below -10°F use Penray Winter Pow-R® Plus 

• Independent Owner/Operator with a 1985 International Cummins Engine tractor
• Hauls building materials, steel and guardrails driving an average of 2,000 miles per week
• Tested one bottle of POW-R 365 and noticed my idle was smoother, soot level went down, MPG went up and the engine seemed to run cleaner.
• Overall a good product I would use again               –   Ryan M., Pennsylvania 

“I am happy to say that I have tried Pow-R 365® and have experienced positive results. I ran mileage tests in two of my trucks (Ford F450 & F550) and saw noticeable improvement quickly. In just two weeks, I had an 11% increase in fuel mpg and more power. It’s great to find a product that works! ”                        Tom, Shop Manager – Durabilt Fence, IL

” We are a regional fleet in the Kansas City, Missouri area and tested POW-R 365. Our MPG increased 4% on just one bottle!”          Fleet in Kansas City, MO




WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Naphthalene,which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.  For more information go to