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83112 Penray Diesel Engine Oil Treatment

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Penray Diesel Engine Oil Treatment helps protect new and old engines. Diesel Engine Oil Treatment is formulated to reduce friction, heat and wear while replenishing oil additives to ensure performance.

Benefits of Penray Diesel  Engine Oil Treatment:
• Concentrated oil treatment replenishes diesel oil additives to ensure performance during extended change intervals
• Maximum strength formula helps protect new and old engines
• Disperses sludge to keep engine clean
• Neutralizes acid deposits/build-up to prevent corrosion
• Helps prevent excessive wear, reduces friction and heat to prolong life of engine components
• To fortify ordinary diesel engine oils add one bottle at each oil change
• For high mileage engines with advanced wear excessive oil burning or heavy deposits use two bottles
• Will not cause stiction

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Part # Quantity Net Contents Container Treat Rate
83112 6 / Case 12 fl. oz. Bottle 15 Quarts