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Pencool® 3000 with Stabil-Aid® Cooling System Treatment

300016 Pencool 3000 Cooling System Treatment jpg

Pencool® 3000 is an advanced cooling system treatment that helps prevent the formation of gel deposits in cooling systems. These deposits can plug radiator passages, aftercoolers, and oil coolers, and can cause excessive water pump wear. Pencool® 3000 blocks the formation of this gel, conditions cooling system water, and protects all cooling system metal components from corrosive attack. Use Pencool® 3000 to maintain proper cooling system heat transfer characteristics and long engine life.
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Tech Bulletin:

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Part # Quantity Net Contents Container Type
300016 12 / Case 16 fl. oz.  Bottle
300064 6 / Case 1/2 Gallon  Jug
300005 1 / Case 5 Gallons  Pail
300055 1 / Case 55 Gallons  Drum

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