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NF2999SM Synthetic Media Coolant Filter

NF2999SM Coolant Filter Epoxy Coated Long Life jpg

NF2999SM Synthetic Media Coolant Filter is a high quality, long-life coolant filter has been specially designed for use with liquid cooling treatment. It will last as long as 150,000 miles or 15 months. The NF2999SM features an inner shell with a tough epoxy coating to guard against rust caused by low corrosion inhibitor protection. The outer shell is coated with baked enamel to prevent intrusive rust from causing leaks. Penray synthetic media filters contain three distinct layers; 1. heavy-duty wire mesh, 2. polyester fiber binder and 3. fiberglass mat for ultimate filtration.

NF2999SM fits standard filter bracket for Detroit Diesel, Caterpillar, Cummins, Ford, etc. engines. * Contains no corrosion inhibitor.


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Part # Quantity Net Contents Container Type
NF2999SM 12 / Case  1 Unit  Filter

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