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2113 Direct Injection Fuel System Cleaner

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Penray 2113 Direct Injection Fuel System Cleaner provides a one tank clean-up that works quickly, safely and effectively in all makes and types of gasoline and light duty diesel engines. Formulated with dual action detergents using PEA & PIB technology to effectively clean and dissolve residue and carbon deposits throughout fuel system. Protects engine parts with lubricity and corrosion inhibitors, improves idling and quicker acceleration. For ease of use, utilize a funnel when pouring into fuel tank.

Features and Benefits:
• One tank cleanup for all gas and diesel engines
• Cleans fuel system to restore fuel economy
• Improves idling and prevents corrosion
• Anti-oxidant technology stabilizes fuel
• Treats up to to 20 gallons

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Part # Qty Net Contents Container
2113 12 / Case 16 fl. oz. Can