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3-Step Premium Fuel Injector Clean-Up Kit 2503

2503 Premium Fuel Injector Clean-Up Kit jpg

Designed to provide an extremely thorough cleaning of the entire fuel system by cleaning through the rail and throttle body, removing carbon and cleaning the tank. Restores performance and driveability. Cleans harmful deposits. Prevents hesitation, stalling and poor performance. Provides increased power and acceleration, improved idling and quicker starting. Helps reduce emissions.

  • Thorough upper engine cleaning through the rail, vacuum, and fuel system
  • Cleans combustion chamber deposits
  • Helps restore fuel economy
  • Increases power and performance
  • Use with 303-IV, SP302BC or SP300FI (vacuum) and SP305DC or SP304TR (rail) Tools
  • For professional use only

Penray 2312 Intake Valve Deposit Cleaner: Reduces intake valve, port and manifold deposits. Improves starting power, driveability and restores performance by removing carbon build-up. Provides upper cylinder lubrication. Helps reduce emissions in both gasoline and diesel engines. (12fl oz. treats up to 20 gal. of fuel)

Penray 2216 Total Fuel System Cleaner: Prevents and cleans deposit build-up. Neutralizes the power robbing effects of combustion chamber deposits. Prevents hesitation, sluggishness, stalling and overall poor acceleration. Synthetic technology. Contains Poly Ether Amine (PEA). Removes carbon and has the ability to reduce octane requirement by cleaning combustion chambers. Contains chemistry for DIG technology.

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Part # Quantity Container
2503 6 / Case Carton