7001 Red Grease

7001 Red Grease jpg

Lubricates and protects hard to reach surfaces. Liquid coating quickly cures into a tough, non-tacky light grease. Functions at extremely low and high temperatures. Prevents corrosive attack to any metal surface. Ideal for protecting tools, linkages, conveyors, couplings, shovels and slides.

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7003 Open Gear Lube

7003 Open Gear Lube jpg

Fortified with a finely dispersed Moly Sulfide in addition to a  petroleum based extreme pressure lubricant. Ideal for use on all open gears. Resists temperature extremes. Reduces friction from metal-to-metal contact. Also applicable for cutting bars, winches, rollers and presses.

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7005 Inner Slide Lube

7005 Inner Slide Lube jpg

Contains high concentration of Moly Sulfide.  Unique formulation permits clinging to surfaces.  Increases slide and piston life.  Designed for use on fork lift inner slides, elevator slides, rails, torsion bars, fifth wheels and rollers.  Protects against rust and corrosion.

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7006 Chain Lube

7006 Chain Lube jpg

Contains high concentration of Moly Sulfide, synthetic sperm oil and tackiness agent.  Provides the ultimate in lubricating qualities, along with a special property that prohibits the product from “flying off” under high velocity applications.  Designed for use in many chain drive applications.

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7009 Dry Graphite Lube

7009 Dry Graphite Lube jpg

Excellent reducer of friction and heat. Lubricates and protects by penetrating into uneven microscopic surfaces. May be applied to wood, metal, plastic, rubber, leather and painted surfaces. Graphite film retards rust and prevents corrosion.

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7011 Battery Protector

7011 Battery Protector jpg

Prevents build-up of corrosive materials on battery terminals.  Eliminates oxidation and seals out moisture.  Product is orange tinted to guide user during application.

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7015 Connector Seal

Penray Connector Seal – Automotive Electrical System Sealant is specially designed to form a tough flexible barrier that will not affect the ability to disconnect plugs, sockets or pig tails while providing a weather-proof seal. Great for sealing headlamp connections to prevent damage from moisture, or when flexibility is needed such as hooking up and unhooking trailers.

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