What is BioDiesel? BioDiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel that is produced from renewable resources found right here in the United States. B100 (pure BioDiesel) contains no petroleum, but it can be mixed with fuel to create a blend (i.e. B3 where 3% of the fuel is BioDiesel). With little or no modifications, it can be used in diesel engines. Plus, it is simple to use, biodegradable, and nontoxic. It also contains much less sulfur. But, the simple fact that it is made from US resources and contributes to our own economy while decreasing our dependence on foreign oil is the reason that this is the fuel of the future.

Penray is taking this new fuel seriously. That is why we have invested lots of time, money, and energy into formulating products that work with BioDiesel. Our commitment to you is to continually advance our technology and ensure that our fuel treatment and cold weather products are effective for all customers, from the individual car owner to the largest truck fleet, regardless of the fuel being used.

All Penray fuel treatments comply with the federal low sulfur content requirements. Many of our products are designed specifically for use in engines running BioDiesel. Look for the BioReady™ logo and trust Penray products for all of your fuel and winter needs. Click here to view our fuel treatment products.